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12-04-2008, 06:54 AM
Just started playing with Novashell. While I could quibble with some of the way the API is laid out, so far it seems like a really excellent tool.

I'm running it on Linux so these little things may be linux/distro specific.

* Tabbing in the editor in some cases seems to not only switch the cursor from field to field but disable the other dialogs as well. Try to edit a key under Novashell prefs, tab between the name of the field and it's value - the other dialogs vanish.

* I can't copy and paste text from outside of novashell into novashell

* possibly related to both/either of these attempting to paste in the ~ console pastes the current tilepic in the buffer onto the map.

* Also possibly related, scrolling inside a list widget zooms in and out while also scrolling the widget. Pull up the alignment dialog,and mousewheel inside the list of prebuilt alignments. List scrolls, map zooms.

* The various dialogs don't "Ok" when enter is hit. Fiddly thing but I hate jumping to the mouse for it, and tabbing isn't an option...

I also have various possible bugs that I can't consistently replicate that might just be user error - OnPostInit() being called multiple times for the player entity, the Cast Shadow property doesn't seem to always get set without opening and closing the dialog a couple of times, etc. I'll see if they go away as I become more familiar with the tool.

Also, this error popped up in the console while working through the tutorials: "Warning Box2d doesn't like collision line 2 in . (Not enough Verts)". This was while adding the collision data for the Player. I deleted the collision data and rebuilt, no problem.

Finally, a possible feature request - centering the map on the mouse when zooming. I say "possible" because I haven't decided if I actually would want it that way or not, but it was my first instinct to mouse over something in one chunk of the map I cared about and scroll to zoom. It might be more irritating having it not stay centered all the time, I dunno.

12-04-2008, 11:12 PM
Thanks for the feedback, appreciate it.

The linux version of Clanlib 0.8.x does not support cutting and pasting outside the app yet.

I looked into adding this when I added the clipboard support for OSX but it didn't look very straightforward for linux.

Don't suppose anybody wants to add it to Clanlib? :)

12-05-2008, 04:21 AM
Possibly. I'm neither much of an X11 nor a C++ developer, but I could certainly take a look.