View Full Version : Render Targets

12-21-2008, 08:13 AM
I know this is quite advanced rendering stuffs... But imagine the possibilities if you included this.. I'm making a Top-down racing game where multiplayer would be awesome :D. But I need split screen. If you could render one location on a map onto a entity, or a tile, that would just sit on the screen I'd be sooooo happy lol :D
Plus you could have things like Cameras that you could see from a Remote Terminal and stuff on the map. As well as reflections.

But anyway, no rush (it will take ages to finish my game). :) And I'm not sure how to do this in OpenGL.. But I'm certain there is a way... I know more about DX you see(Evil Windows(Vista) user lol)...

Looking forward to posting more stuff on the forums :)