View Full Version : Jittery about exam tomorrow...

08-19-2015, 01:17 PM
Hi guys...
So, PSLE (Primary Sch Leaving Exam) Oral Exam is tomorrow and the day after, and my Chinese is tested on day 1, and English on the other.
I'm nervous.
Uh, I'm posting this thread to calm my nerves.
Idk, talking about it makes me less nervous *shrug*
Can people tell me about their experiences, since a fairly large percentage of the forumers are Singaporeans?
also, to make matters worse, Chinese Oral is 25% total results and English Oral is 15% total results, therefore scoring badly will lead to the total marks being affected pretty badly.
AND, my preliminary exams are next week, from Tuesday to Friday!

someone help my pre exam jitters :panic:

Shadin Siddique
08-19-2015, 01:25 PM
Thinking about it makes you feel nervous,and the day you stand is what makes you a lot nervous. Believe me,I know it. I have been embarrassed and got nervous a lot of time in school.

But,the thing I can give you to control your nervousity is to don't think about it,and when the day comes, be confident,think about rainbows and unicorns and leprechauns spitting rainbows with flying mlg pineapple cutter. That would make your nervous down. :rolleyes: