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I decided doing a fanfic cause I felt like! :yeah:

Genres: Action, Slice of Life, Shonen-Ai

Chapter 1: My name is Takao Guremuna and this is the story of how I became the most inspiring Adventure Novels writer in Japan.

It all started the first day of Spring, when all the sakuras (Cherry Trees) were blooming and you could see couples walking through parks or important places. I decided to sit in a bench, I was mad because my boss was being an as***** with me this day.

After taking a walk through the park in the afternoon, I decided to go back home. As I reached home, the bell rang and mail appeared under the door, I contemplated my watch during 5 minutes, and thought why would the postman came so late. After going back to normal I stepped on a red envelope.
As if I was a kid in Christmas, I looked at it and took bare seconds to open it and read ''I saw you walking at the park today. Meet me on the bench you sat this afternoon at nine in the evening'' I sat in the sofa and kept thinking about who could have sent me that mysterious letter. At eight in the evening, I started getting ready, and got the bus to the park, which was near my office and made me think how jerky my boss had been that day. I reached the meeting place 5 minutes early, so I decided to sit and wait. A few minutes later, a shadow could be visible in the distance, as it walked to me, I started shivering and got really nervous. Once the shadow got away, there was a man visible... After being shocked from my view, I realized that person was my younger brother's teacher, Tooru Basane, he sat next to me.

After a bit of talking, he gave me a tissue and told me to wipe my sweat away, he told me he wanted to talk to me as well, after wiping my sweat, he told me he was pissed off from his job, at the Deruka Preparatory, the most prestigious preparatory in the southwest zone of Japan. He told me about how his classroom was a mess, everyday there were robs between students, how the teachers didn't care about their job, they were totally doing whatever they wanted to. As he mentioned this, I remembered how my boss had been treating me like that, he didn't care about his employees.

Once he finished, he was on his knees, telling me to leave our jobs, and, with my experience in offices, and his skills in writing, we would make a writing company, who would sell books, ALL OVER JAPAN. I told him I would think it, and he whispered to my ear ''Phone me when you think about it''.

3 Days after this event, I fully decided to leave my work, I entered my boss' office in a rampage and shouted loudly that I would leave the job. My boss acceded without caring, which pissed me off a lot. Once I reached home, I messaged Tooru and told him I left my job, he replied after a few minutes saying ''Congratulations, now you're free'', followed by, ''I'm coming to your home right now''. When he reached my house, he rapidly rang the bell, and shouted loudly, ''I'M HERE!'' carrying a lot of boxes, which didn't seem to weigh a lot. We talked about how would this turn out and he seemed really happy about it, so I couldn't deny it. After having a small afternoon snack, he talked about moving in to my house, he said, he couldn't pay his rent anymore due to him not being working anymore. I acceded, and he whispered to my ear ''Thank you'' before kissing me in the lips, I blushed and pulled him apart. He asked me ''What's wrong?'', and I told him that I wasn't homosexual, after that, he said, ''You blushed after being kissed... So... As long as you keep blushing, you will be homosexual for me'', after saying that, I blushed even more.

Chapter 2: I kind of felt dizzy then and decided to lie on the sofa. He saw me blushing, and faked a fall and fell on my chest. The atmosphere totally changed. It was a feeling a never got before (inb4 someone asks, no it’s not an erection) I admired his face and blushed, I tried to make him go apart but he kept on insisting for me to give up, when I finally gave up, he got his face close to mine, and started looking me with a handsome face, I couldn’t negate it, I TOTALLY FELL IN LOVE WITH HIM.

He whispered the following words: ‘’Please, accept this and we’ll be one forever’’, followed by a kiss, after that he got off me and I was shocked, I couldn’t accept myself as a homosexual person, but the way he looked at me it made me feel in a really awkward situation. I never felt that before and must say it was better than expected.

He told me he was going to prepare dinner, and I smiled and said ‘’Ok’’, a few minutes later he served the dinner, you could smell the flavor of Sukiyaki with a perfect-boiled rice.
A perfect dinner, where he told me about our plans for our future company, it should all start with a small novel that would be about the adventured of a singular man who met his favorite adventurer, after so, they become the most famous treasure hunters of Japan, and probably worldwide.

We watched TV and talked about the news, a hurricane was near the southwest coast of Japan. After a while watching the television, I decided to go to my bed and take a good nap. He decided to stay awake for a longer while. By morning, I woke up, though I couldn’t move due to the act of being hugged. I turned back and saw Tooru hugging me, and smiling, he said ossu, and I smiled back, I told him to let me go, and he pushed me against him, and said, ‘’Ok’’, he kissed me as well. After the kiss, he let me free and I told him I was going to do the Breakfast, he acceded and I made a toasted bun with coffee.

I felt weird, I had worked since I was 16 I'd been working and now I’m free, I’ve got nothing to do. He proposed me to start writing the short novel we talked about yesterday. I accepted because I had nothing to do. We started writing it took us about 2 hours to write the first 40 pages. I looked at my phone and realized it was 2:00 pm already. I told Tooru to make our lunch and he denied, he said he was busy, and I don’t really know why, he was just standing next to me, staring at our recently-written book.

I prepared our lunch since he didn’t want to, the food was served and he asked me what was the taste, I told him it wasn’t a normal veggies and meat stew a normal person would do, I added some species and honey to make it taste it 3 times better, we both enjoyed it, and he told me ‘’Nice recette’’ (Recipe), I was surprised he knew French, and he asked me why that surprise face, I told him about him knowing French and he replied with a ‘’I’m a teacher, you can expect anything from me’’

After having lunch, we decided to write a bit of our story, again. When I reached the desk, I saw the book, I remembered that we left it at 40 pages, but when I came, there were 40 more added! I was surprised and looked at Tooru, with a surprising face expression I asked him ‘’D…Did you do… 40 Pages in… 15 Minutes!?’’, he replied with a simple ‘’Yes’’ and after that a ‘’We have some free time now’’. I looked at him thinking ‘’What do you have left for me, Tooru?’’

He smiled at me and said ‘’Let’s have a walk through the park, it’ll be fun’’, I accepted, didn’t worry about what could happen, I didn’t even mind seeing my old mates walking and seeing me holding hands with a guy.

We reached the park, the sakuras were still blooming, he sat under one, and told me to sit with him, I accepted and said, ‘’what are we doing here?’’, I totally didn’t know what would happen next, he said ‘’This Sakura belongs to my family, we planted it here 3 years ago, and of course, it’s the smaller in the whole park''. He said that if we kissed the Sakura, we would get luck in our relationship and love.

With my eyes blindfolded, I kissed the Sakura, but, Tooru placed his lips before the Sakura, and instead I kissed him. I opened my eyes, and saw Tooru in front of my, blushing, and kissing me. He started playing with my tongue and I pulled him apart, I had a crazily surprised face and I was angry with him, WHY WOULD HE DO THAT IN PUBLIC!?

Chapter 3: Coming Soon! (4/9/15)

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AHA! I always suspected you were gay!

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AHA! I always suspected you were gay!

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But Im bi not gay :panic:

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wELCOME to the club I guess :D


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