View Full Version : Any artist available?

08-21-2015, 04:11 AM
Anyone available to make art for me?

Hello everyone of the RTSOFT Tavern. I'm in need of an avatar, a personal avatar. Obviously I could go onto Google and try and find something that is similar to what I want but here I can get exactly what I'd like. If there's anyone who can assist me with this project I'd be willing to pay a price of 5USD if it matches the criteria that I will be providing in the spoiler below.


-> I'd like for the image to have the text "Jupiteer" or if you can manage 'SuperJupe".
-> For those of you who are gifted anime artist, If you could use your creativity and create me a (male) anime character. Custom, not a template of Naruto or Sugu (I really don't know my anime XD) or Kirito, completely new.
-> Have fun, plus provide your PAYPAL account information so that I may send you the money. This may be provided via private messages.