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08-28-2015, 02:32 AM
Hey guys my name is defuse, i love video games,ofc. And i love baseball, growtopia i started was 2 1/2 years ago, and im still level 27 but thats beside the point. I have made plenty friends, and They are all REALLY nice. I have made some ups and downs, like scamming a jetpack but what happens happens no turning back now. This game influenced me into swearing alot, but i try to refrain from it as best as i can. This game is a life changing experience, that may sound weird but no, this game makes me happy, this game makes me sad, this game makes me angry(parkours). But im pretty sure we have all been through that. I'm 11 years of age, doesnt matter(only for stalkers). What else... OH! I dreamt of being a mod, but now that wont happen lol cause i just said it but its ok.

Here are some games i really like:

Blackops: 3 Beta

Blackops: 2



CSGO... And that's it.
(Ps. I am a xbox player)

I want to know about alot of you guys, tell me your story of growtopia, life, what favorite game you play, and so on.

I love Netflix, it's my life.

Naruto FTW.

I like swimming, ummmm that's all

And all you guys say.... Longest thread ever? That's were you guys go into play, once you post your story, i will copy and paste it, make a spoiler, and make it apart of the thread of course. So ya!