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09-05-2015, 11:59 PM
What would you do if you were a mod at SUPERMODDANCEPARTY?


- Divide your post into two sections; Responsibility and Fun.
Since you're a moderator, you must be realistic. It isn't all fun and games, sometimes people complain, swear, spam, or scam.

- Don't be restricted. Have no bounds. Things similar to "I would ask Seth to program a new command for me/mods." and "Hamumu let me have alot of mod items!" is allowed. It's your ideas in a specific scenario.

//Let me start.//

\\Responsibility :

If anyone swears, I will /msg them a warning. If they do it again, I tape. If they ask for tape, I ban. Simple mod logic, nothing else. I'm not responsible at all and ruin my friendships with everyone. lol

\\Fun :

I would probably dress up as a JoJo character since it's a party and I have extra abilities.


- Change my name to Dio or DIO
- I would use the freeze wand to freeze time. I would say za warudo or something for efefctdj'.aeu*91o2h8889DWQSuiqaS'EQPYFUG


- My name would be Doppio at first.
- If someone 'saw my face' (was pulled) I would kill them by using the fire wank-- i mesan wand pl s no( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
- If someone was disobeying GT rules I would become Diavolo by going behind a mysterious fence or hospital curtain near the middle, do the invisible thing, silently change my clothes, maybe phonebooth-- GAHAHAHAHAHAHAH OMH HAHAHAHA AHYES YES PHONEBOOTH YES I WOULD USE A PHONEBOOTH. Im so sorry for the people who dont get this joke. an explanation:

This is a video that shows both Doppio (Guy with the phone) and Diavolo (shirt nets guy)
Doppio and Diavolo are both the same person, Diavolo is Doppio's split personality. He changes looks when Diavolo takes over.
Doppio randomly imitates the sound of a phone ringing, grab any hand-size object nearby, and use it as a phone. The boss, Diavolo, calls him. the call is happening in Doppio's head. Diavolo is a bad guy too

- Once I change into clothes (still invisible) i would change my name to diavolo. i'd probably need mod items for the outfits to look accurate and cool. like diavolo/doppio hair or shirt/nets.
- And very very rarely, maybe I'll get another mod to be King Crimson

Anyway, your turn. I'm bored and want to hear your stories.

i want to be doppio/diavolo for gt halloween now... oh well, ill have to work on it now

09-06-2015, 12:15 AM
Well, I would post in the right subforum.