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Doge's Quest For Pudding

Chapter One: The Quest For Pudding
One day a dog named Doge wanted a pudding cup. "Much Walmart. So pudding." said Doge. Doge wanted to go to Walmart to buy a pudding cup. "So naked. Much clothing needed." he then said, walking towards his closet. He got out a tuxedo and put it on. He found his car keys and drove to Walmart. Just before he got there a police car chased him down. Doge pulled over. "Much problem?" asked Doge. "Yes, there is a problem! You're a dog!" said the policeman. "Much sorry." said Doge. He then drove back to his house and had to think of a new plan. He got an idea. He was going to walk to Walmart like a stray dog. He then walked out his house to go to Walmart. On his way he saw a cat walking around. She seemed pretty grumpy. "Walmart won't let me in because I'm a cat... SO STUPID!" yelled the cat in rage. Doge ignored the cat and before he knew it he was at Walmart. He knew he wouldn't make it in there lookin' like a dog and all. He then jumped on a person and took his clothing. He walked in Walmart with a grin on his face. He looked everywhere and couldn't find the pudding. Then he saw someone with pudding in their cart. He jumped in the cart to swiftly grab the pudding. The person saw Doge and called the manager. Dogr got scared and ran into the backroom. It was dark and filled with boxes. He saw a box labeled "Pudding" and ran towards it. He ripped open the box with his mouth and got some pudding. He saw the manager coming after him. He got in the pudding box and hid. "Such scared" he whispered to himself. He jumped out the box and ran while the manager chased him. Doge hid in the pet isle. He got next to a giant plush dog and stood still like a statue. The manager walked passed him without noticing. Once the manager walked off he ran outside of Walmart. Sense he didn't pay for the pudding the scanner started beeping. Security guards saw Doge and ran after him.
Doge saw a cat that looked like a poptart. He bit the cat and held tight. The cat was flying! The cat got really high up... Doge needed to get down, but if he jumped he would break every bone in his body. Then the cat started falling down real fast like when a pilot would yell "Mayday!" out loud. Right before the cat hit the ground Doge jumped off. Peices of rainbows and poptarts were everywhere. Then BOOM! All of a sudden Doge was in a cage.

Chapter 2: Dogenapped
Doge was sitting in the pound, all alone. Someone even took his pudding cup too. He had little food and was starving. "Such starve. So feed me!" he said. Someone filled his bowl with food. Doge took a bite. "Such gross!" he said. Then someone came in with a cage. It was the grumpy cat he saw earlier. "I'm gonna get out of here soon, don't worry!" said the cat with rage. "Such hi!" said Doge, looking at the cat. "Shut up." the cat said quickly. Doge took a nap. When he woke up, alarms were going off, and the cage the cat was in had broken bars. While a guard was chasing the grumpy cat he accidentally hit the "Release all" button. Doge perked up and ran out with the other dogs. Doge then saw the cat. "Much wait!" said Doge at the cat. The cat stopped running. "What do you want?" asked the cat. "Who are you?" asked Doge. "I'm Tardar Sauce, but people call me Grumpy Cat." said Grumpy Cat. "So cool!" said Doge. "It gets annoying. Like everything else. Including you." said Grumpy Cat as she ran off. Doge was all alone. But he then saw the ice cream truck. He ran up to it. "So pudding?" asked Doge. "Sorry, Doge. We ran out." said the ice cream truck man. Doge was disappointed. He then slowly walked off towards his house. He went inside and sat on his couch. He turned on the TV. There was a commercial on. "Come down to the Nyan Shack today! We have all different flavored poptarts!" "Poptarts?" Doge asked, thinking about the flying poptart cat. "Every order comes with a free pudding cup!" said the commercial. Without hesitation Doge ran to the Nyan Shack. The commercial said it was on Walnut Street. He was there. He was at the Nyan Shack. He walked in confident. "A dog! Get him out!" said a worker. "Don't worry, he's cool." said an unknown voice. Doge found a booth and sat down. A waitress came and asked Doge what he wanted. "Much pudding." he said. "Just pudding?" the waitress asked. "So yes." said Doge as the waitress walked off shaking her head. "Hello, Doge..." said the unknown voice. It's me, Tardar." It was Grumpy Cat! She must have let him in! "Why let in? Such confused." asked Doge. "You seemed cool." said Grumpy Cat with a smirk while she jumped on the booth with Doge.

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Such cool.

Such story.


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Doge is love. Doge is life.
(That is my wallpaper...)

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Much funny, very day.

Who is GIGarnub? I clicked the little arrow and nobody on that thread had that name.

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You have been blessed by the presence of Grand Master SPAGOTTIS (Spa goo tis)
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Pork blood stew is Gud...

Nuff say...

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Then Doge laughed and exploded