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Boss 1 : Mewtwo

1 - Make Chell put a portal above Mewtwo.
2 - Super Sayain Goku, enter the portal and head stomp Mewtwo.
3 - 'Over 9,000' Mewtwo, knocking him back to the Pok├Ęcenter.
4 - Gravity Gun the Team Rocket chest, crowbar it, unlocking it.
5 - Collect Stunball and throw 3 at Mewtwo, stunning it.
6 - Mewtwo is stunned, combined your magical forces to create the MasterBall Orb.
7 - Capture Mewtwo and he is now a member of your team!

Boss 2 : JonTron

1 - Before entering 'Starcade Cave,' enter Game Grump Labs.
2 - Greet Egoraptor, bribe him and Danny 300 bells.
3 - When so, bring Arin (Ego) to Starcade Cave, and make him use 'Sequelitis Rant.'
4 - JonTron will become enraged, smashing the floor and letting his parrot run free.
5 - Fight the Parrot (gravity gun his beak.)
6 - When so, Portal Gun Goku, making him blast JonTron to the Titanic, making him stunned.
7 - Gravity Gun the X Wing Fighter, ride it.
8 - When JonTron is awake, shoot lasers at him, blowing up his beard.
9 - He will faint, making him a proud team member and member of Game Grumps once again.

Boss 3 : Anon

1 - Grab the 'tumblr fanbase orb,' it will be usefull later on.
2 - Psychic Bolt Anon, making him /b/last Reddit.
3 - Crowbar the Hacking Machine, unleashing the gas of green text.
4 - Green Text will hurt your team members, so use JonTron's Titanic Shield to block it up.
5 - Portal Gun Anon, making him enraged.
6 - Anon will start shouting memes, use the Gravity Gun to push Anon to the /b/ wall.
7 - Blast Anon, making him stunned.
8 - When that happens, Mini-Hackers will start coming, simply use Mewtwo to 'stomp' on them.
9 - Anon will awake once again, Over 9,000 him, knocking him back.
10 - When that happens, use the Tumblr Orb, unleashing the DW, Sherlock, and other Fandoms on Anon.
11 - Anon will start running away from the Fandoms, he then hits the Robot - Reddit, making Anon blow up.
12 - You will not receive Anon as a team member, but Reddit the Robot.

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Cool guide, man.

Bruce Wayne
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Bruce Wayne
You must get the Shark Repellent Spray from Adam West then go to Wayne Manor and spray Bruce Wayne with it then he turns into a giant bat and trys to kill you and you must recite the Apple terms of use then he goes deaf and falls into the batcave and dies.
forgot that ^