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09-13-2015, 11:23 PM
I'll be helping you guys beat the HL3 bosses!

Common Pepe:
You need to go find the Rare Pepe note in Slender's Forest. Then go to Moist Land and find the pyramid. Put the note on the totem. Common Pepe will come out. Once he is out you have to shoot him with your Kitten Launcher that Kitty Pepe gave you in Pepe Town of Pepes. Once you hit him 5 times he turns yellow to white. Then he transforms into Kitty Pepe and you get Kitty Pepe as a familiar.
First you need to go get the Ech Launcher. It is hidden randomly around Game Grump studios. Once you find it go to the Game Grump studios. Go to Dan's basement. When you look at Dan with the Ech Launcher in hand he will turn into Jontron. Game Grump studios explodes and you apear in a white empty world. Shoot the Ech Launcher at Jontron until he says "ECH!" If you shoot him while he is screaming he will come after you with a powerful blow. Keep shooting until he dies. When he dies you'll apear back in Game Grump studios with Dan. He'll thank you and give you a medal.
Bowl of Soup
After beating Common Pepe and Jontron you can go home. When you enter the house Kitty Pepe jumps on the table and eats some soup. The bowl will chase Kitty Pepe. You need to catch the bowl and put it on the street. A car will run over the soup and will crash into your house. From there you need to hid upstairs. The Bowl of Soup will become a giant and pick up the house. He throws you to Moist Jungle.
Lanky Kong
While in the Moist Jungle you'll see Lany Kong. He uses his long arms to grab you and thow you into the ocean. You have to get eaten by a shark. Lanky will follow you into the shark. Keep jumping on the Shark's tounge. The shark will gag and spit you and Lanky out. Lanky Kong gets mad and the Donkey Kong arcade game starts, but instead of Donkey Kong it's Laney. If you beat the first level Lanky sings his part in the DK Rap and slowly fades away.
While in Spooky Scary town you'll see a giant glitch. If you touch it you begin a Pokémon battle with Missingno. with Kitty Pepe. Keep spamming OP Attack and you'll win. Be careful. Sometimes the placement of Op Attack and Suicide Bomb switch places. After that you get a Baby Snorlax
Once you're in New York City you'll see Mewtwo destroying everything in sight. You have to find Etika's Apartment. Once your inside you'll see him watching a Nintendo Direct. He'll say "MEWTWO! MY FOOT!!!" After he says that you get Etika's Foot. You need to upgrade Baby Snorlax to Etika's Snorlax by feeding him Etika's Foot. Once you go outside you'll see Mewtwo looking right at you. Get your Gravity Gun and put Etika's Snorlax on top of Mewtwo. Mewtwo will explode and you'll get the Beta Key. Go to Valve HQ and give them the key. They'll start making HL4.