View Full Version : Why Is So Hard To Get Friend

09-15-2015, 04:38 PM
Here's meh story:So I move to another country from Turkey...In the school I had 6 turkish friends and we were going outside and stuff so yeah!So 3 months later they started to hide all things from me and I didn't say anything and I just give it a time to solve this.Then guess what?I heard that they speak eachother to not call me anymore and hangout.I litreally got backstabbed.Why people WHY.WHY I'm not an alien WHY

09-15-2015, 04:49 PM
Pls someone help me.Sometimes I just run whole my house for nothing.I'M THAT BORED.and lonely ofc.

09-15-2015, 06:05 PM
Some friendships work out and others don't. You just need to find the right people.
In my opinion the best people you can make friends with are those that you know don't judge you :)

09-15-2015, 06:11 PM
Immature people are never pleasant to be around.