View Full Version : The best feeling

09-16-2015, 01:53 PM
Don't you just love it when one day you wake up on a school day, and it's raining really hard outside, you snuggle up in your bed covered in a warm blanket with your surroundings still dark due to the rain and the sun not yet showing its face. And then suddenly, you hear "no classes" from a radio that your mom or dad is currently listening to. You could only hear the "no classes" part and any other things that the announcer says are all blurred, because you just woke up, and you wanna stay in bed.

And then you continue your slumber.. Not having to worry about getting up and getting ready for school.

Sadly that would never happen to me as often as I used to. Even If we have a typhoon signal no. 3 we are still required to go to school, God, even if a volcano is having a diarrhea we'd still be required to go to school. This sucks :nope: