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08-08-2013, 08:10 PM
We are getting very close now to the ClanLib 3.0 Release.

These are my thoughts about it's preperation, after discussion on IRC about ClanLib's future.

1) Update the www.clanlib.org pages to the new theme
2) Remove the Wiki. It is a security minefield. Instead store the clanlib.org pages using GIT (github). That way, it's still easy for developers to submit documentation updates, whilst keeping control over the live content.
3) Move ClanLib 2.3 SVN into GIT (github).
4) Drop clanlib.org SVN
5) Stop clanlib.org smtp server. (afaik, it's only used to email svn commits)
6) Update clanlib.org documention to reflect ClanLib 3.0. Drop ClanLib 2.3 docs, to discourage users from using the old version (existing users will not require the documentation)
7) Temporary remove the "Lock API" restriction from ClanLib 3.0 after release, until someone requests it's locked (eg linux distro compilers). This allows minor additions to the API, that would break library binary compatibility. Of course major changes should be applied to ClanLib 3.1

I have been using ClanLib 3.0 in a production environment for many months now, and i'm personally satisfied that it's a significant improvement over ClanLib 2.3 in many ways, including speed and flexibility.

08-08-2013, 11:02 PM
With that security announcement all the hackers will go "ooooh! a wounded animal! attack!"

OK more seriously, I agree that we should retire that wiki because none of us want to continue carry the burden of keeping it up to date with regard to security announcements. Using a wiki never gave the promised benefits anyway. Seems nobody volunteers to document. :D

Sounds like we have a plan! Now someone just needs to execute it :excl:

08-09-2013, 07:25 AM
"New accounts" has been disabled in the wiki for about 2 months now, after the spam attack

From today, wiki edit facility has been disabled. This aid's in the conversion process, so we can take our time and not worry that user_1234 will apply some amazing documentation updates that we have to replicate :)

08-09-2013, 10:59 AM
I have exported the Wiki to HTML (using the dumpHTML extension)

You can find it at: svn://esoteric.clanlib.org/public/ClanLib/Development/ClanLib.org ... in "wiki_pages"

(Feel free to delete it, once it's no longer required)

The folder doesn't contain the css.

Also, I had to do lots of renaming. Filenames containing ' : ' and ' " ', have been replaced with underscores. Therefore, the html links will be incorrect.