View Full Version : really need help regarding a software (in school right now)

The Cookie
09-21-2015, 04:28 AM
I tried to end this software via run>taskmgr and i tried to end the process but it says access denied...

It's this teacher-student software it's used in computer labs/rooms

im in the comp lab right now so

09-21-2015, 04:32 AM
Pretty sure you're not in school right now but... usually school computers are very restricted if it's access denied then you really can't do much about that.

The Cookie
09-21-2015, 04:45 AM
Unplug dis

there's something like that inserted to the system unit. it has light, is it the one i should unplug?

The Cookie
09-21-2015, 04:59 AM
ran out of time lol, I'll try next wekk. thanks