View Full Version : Good place for discussions

10-03-2015, 05:22 PM
Hey guys i just wanna share a place to engage in nice, interesting discussions: Quora. (No, i'm not being paid or anything)

It's a really interesting platform where people can ask questions and answer other people's questions. It has a really nice community and holds very insightful discussions. All kinds of topics are covered, from philosophy, to science to relationships & current issues. It helps that people there generally have a lot of life experience to share.

I've been to many other communities like TED (which is very very interesting, but does not have a forum, so use it just for its videos i guess(?)) and INTJ forums (personality forums). Sadly most of them are very limited in scope and depth! Whereas, personality forums are filled with "special-snowflake" people who think that just because they're of a certain personality, they're superior or something. Other Q&A communities like Yahoo! answers has a tooooon of trolls.

So if you guys need good discussion places, go to Quora! :)

P.S Does anyone have any other good online communities to suggest?