View Full Version : Valiant Hearts: The Great War

10-10-2015, 04:07 AM
I finished Valiant Hearts: The Great War and the ending was terribly sad.

Spoilers ahead, k.
So, the main guys you play as are; Karl, Frank, Emile and Anna. Emile is the first person you play as whom is also an American Soldier, Karl is a German Soldier whom is married to Emile's daughter, Anna is a nurse and Frank is also an American Soldier whom becomes friends with Emile.
Anyway, towards the end of the game, Emile's officer is leading an offensive which pretty much turns into a slaughterfest for the American troops. Emile gets towards the end and tries to knock the officer unconscious however accidentally killing him. Emile then gets locked up and awaits court martial.
He gets found guilty and they put him in front of the firing squad. However, before he dies, he sees all his friends and family (illusion type things) and has this really long message that is sad. I almost cried. I can't believe it happened.

Here's the video as described in the spoiler. Watch at your own risk.