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Alexander Justin
10-20-2015, 10:38 AM
Hey guys,
I was having difficulty until now. I'll just be saying 1 difficulty because this is what most people need.
Which is....
Lock problems, Lock problems?? What is that...
So this is lock problems. I'll give an example, so if one day I wanted to make a help break place and just put the outer part then forgot to put the lock I will just be sad because I wasted my blocks and need to break the blocks, and I wanted to suggest that I wish in the next update Small, Big, and Huge Locks could detect which block you want to lock. For example: There are 3 different type of Block beside the lock and the lock will detect and have an option like which block you wanna lock for example
Red Block
And we could pick what block we want to lock.
Wish this will exist soon because few people are having difficulty on this 😀 👌🏻