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10-24-2015, 09:37 AM
The whole downside yet actually important point to Growtopia is that there are scammers. These scammers who betray you, who con you into accidentally doing things, is actually a warning to what may happen to you as you grow older, as you go into adulthood. When I first joined growtopia and I didn't even have a small lock and I watched as these cruel people -- clearly not needing my dirt trees and super crate box trees -- stealing and wrecking my world just to make me feel unhappy. Scamming is inhuman, even if it's a small amount to you, the scammer, the same amount may be a big deal to the other party. Think of it this way -- just because you were scammed before, do you really want others to go through the same hardship, the disappointment of losing what you have worked so hard to earn?

Even now, after playing growtopia for more than a year, I carelessly get scammed with trade scams (alert: Landings is known for his trade scams) and lose many things in an instant. This proves to be a lesson to all of us, as we should always be careful about picking our friends, making deals carefully and always being cautious.

Sometimes, it might seem really easy to scam -- it's the easiest way to get rich fast. But it isn't right. It is actually stealing someone else's property. the other party might have bought gems with real money to get those items, and you are actually stealing his real money's worth. It is extremely wrong.

Yet, this doesn't stop scammers.

In the end, we might not be able to stop some people, but let's stop ourselves, at least.

(sorry i posted this here i am kinda new to the forums :-( )

10-24-2015, 10:35 AM
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