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06-09-2009, 06:28 PM
Graphics artists wanted for a new Dizzy fan game:


Dizzyana Jones and the Last Crusade

What I'm looking for
I'm looking for somebody, or a group of people, to create all the in-game graphics. Backgrounds, sprites, interface elements... Unfortunately my graphical abilities (as you will see from the youtube video) just can't do Dizzy, or Indy any justice! I think the game would look good in either 2D or 2.5D and I'm open to any suggestions for graphical styling.

About the Project
The original idea was to do a scene-by-scene remake of the Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Graphic Adventure (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indiana_Jones_and_the_Last_Crusade:_The_Graphic_Ad venture) in the style of a 2D Dizzy (http://www.yolkfolk.com/site/index.php) adventure.

After recently re-played the game, and watching the film countless times, it became clear that a scene by scene remake would not be viable for two reasons. Firstly, the two styles of gameplay are simply too different to merge together. And secondly, though the adventure game was a great game - which I enjoyed many times over as both a child and an adult - it misses lots of scenes from the film which maybe weren't suited to a point and click adventure but could work very well in a Dizzy style game.

The film is, in my opinion, one of the finest films (if not the finest) films ever made. The game is also one of the best point and click games, and one of the best film to game conversions I have played.

With this in mind any game I create has a lot to live up to! Simply attempting to re-create the adventure game in Dizzy style would not do Indy or Dizzy any justice!

The first job to do then was to find a suitable game engine and adapt it to work dizzy-style. Stage two was to develop a proof of concept using the engine and hopefully get somebody (or some people - this will be a big project!) on board to do graphics - as I suck at graphics.

Now the proof of concept is done I will be going through the film scene by scene, and building up a story board for the game. Where possible I will use the graphic adventure as a base, but only if it will work within the Dizzy environment.

Adaptions to the Dizzy concept
Hardcore retro dizzy fans may want to look away now, as the engine is a little more advanced than a standard Dizzy engine.

The most important thing in my mind when making design-decisions was to ensure that the simplicity of the Dizzy genre was maintained. To that end it is still only uses one action button to perform all tasks.

The main differences between this engine and the standard dizzy games are as follows:

Dizzy can push certain objects
When dizzy is over an object that can be interacted with, the name of the item appears on the interface
The player can guide conversations by choosing responses from a list of options, as in the graphic adventure
No lives system. The energy bar remains, but there's no three-strikes-and-your-out system. I always found lives very irritating in Dizzy which, for me, was predominantly a puzzle game. When dizzy runs out of energy, he will have to restart from the time he entered a room, and he can die as many times as he likes!
The terrain scrolls

OK so the last one isn't entirely new, as there were a couple of scrolling Dizzy games created by codemasters.

The Engine
The engine I'm using to create this system is RTSoft's lua-based Novashell (http://www.rtsoft.com/novashell) Game Creation System.

Target Platforms
Novashell can create binaries for Windows, Linux, and MacOS. I am developing on Windows, but will provide untested binaries for Linux and MacOS.

Also, if Clanlib (the underlying library that Novashell uses) ever gets OpenGL ESsupport, then a port will be made to the Pandora handheld gaming console (http://www.openpandora.org).

How Long Will it Take?
A long time. At least a year, probably more! I was hoping to keep development of this quiet until it was nearly ready. Unfortunately I've had to go public as I can't find anybody to help me out with the graphics!