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10-28-2015, 01:47 AM
one lovely day at his 345 day rent house was a guy named Sage.

Sage: Ah! I'm so cheap!
HBF: No wonder.
Sage: Shut your fiesta hole.
HBF: What fiesta hole..? Oh, my hat!
Sage: Duh.
HBF: Hey, at least I don't write dumb fan fictions.
Sage: (in a batman voice) What you say about my comics?
HBF: Nothin..
Sage: Shut it! (slaps face)
HBF: Bye!
Sage: Okay!

hero left the cheap house

Sage: Fan fictions are the best
Fan Fiction: Yes we are.
Sage: Yeah.
Fan Fiction: Which fan fiction you like?
Sage: The one about Luve.

sage teleported to Luve

Luve: Oh hey, sage!
Sage: Uh.
Luve: Buddy! You know that I kissed Wuve?
Sage: Yeah..
Luve: Well, we are getting married!
Sage: (swooped in and kissed Luve and said) No you are not.
Luve: Started to synchronize his kiss

wuve walked in the room

Wuve: What the fudge are those?
Sage: Jordans..
Wuve: NO! You kissing my wife!
Luve: Uh, I hate you now since I got banned.
Sage: Chill it guys, um.
Wuve: Fine!

wuve leaves the room?

Luve: Want to kiss more baby?
Sage: Uh, no thanks.
Luve: come on, I know you want to

Sage woke up from his dream

Sage: Fan fictions are messed up

the end.