View Full Version : halp me in my proj pls

11-07-2015, 05:07 AM
Soooo i need to make a booklet
how do i make the pages?
like, im having a problem on making page 3

11-07-2015, 06:02 AM
u need:
ms weird

11-07-2015, 08:07 AM

1. Well, start with a new document. Keep in mind that your booklet content will need to fit on pages that are one-fourth the size of a standard piece of paper.

2. On the Page Layout tab, click the Page Setup dialog box launcher, and then enter the following settings:

- Margins. By default, margins are one inch. Decrease the top, bottom, inside, and outside margins to at least 0.5 inches (1.27mm) to give you more usable space on a page. (The inside and outside margins are the spacing between the text and the left and right edges of the page.) Also, add a gutter margin of 0.25 inches (.635mm). The gutter is the space between the two facing pages (where the fold is).

- Multiple pages. Select Book Fold to set up your document to print in landscape page orientation with two booklet pages on each side of a sheet of paper.

- Sheets per booklet. Select the number of pages in your booklet, or select All or Auto. Note: because there are four booklet pages per sheet of paper, the options are in multiples of four.