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There have been many stories of the most-ever popular ship - Cocomonkey and Areodax, one explains a detailed story of action, one about NobelRulz cheating on her, but no, these are all fiction! This one is fact. Areodax recently texted me about how they became a couple, but it was so short, that couldn't be a fanfic, so I decided to take it out and make it a fully pledged 2 chapter story, so here we go. The story. Of CocoDax..


New RTSoft City, ahh yes, where most of us live, other than its friend town - Las Hamumugles, the city is a wide Buisness operating city with a huge backstory, huge events, and huge structures such as the Statue of Rules - A gift from Grance to the United Worlds of Growmerica, anyways. The city had the Sub-Forums, which every city had in the whole Growtopian Earth, but the most perfect one was the Fan Art, Videos and Stories, section, ahh, what a perfect place.

That part of the city was a perfect one, People showing up art in expos, people adding stories to the Fanfic Library, yes. The city also had Video Studios, but one was Growversal Studios, the studio that had rights to Seedasic Park, Scams and the Stealthiest, yes it was a good one, the studio also had rights to the popular TV show - Cocomonkey's Dares. Cocomonkey also had a 2nd show, 'The Coco Talk Show.'

The show aired months ago and Coco needed a guest. We'll get to this problem sooner or later, now, you've been thinking about Areo's side of the story, right? Well Areo was a writer and author. He had rights to The Shipment Series and the Crusaders, he recently wrote a Fanfic about how Freddy and the Gang destroyed the evil Balloon Boy - MLG style, so he decided to go to Starboard Coffee, close to Growversal Studios, so he grabbed his Scarf from the show 'Moderator Who,' and his pink fedora and started walking.

Cocomonkey was frustrated on who to pick so she delayed her show and aired 2 old episodes, she was so frustrated that Joy-Her main emotion, stopped for a day and made Anger the boss. So to stop being frustrated, she decided to get a drink at Starboard Coffee, she put her Hibiscus and got her pacifier that tasted like bananas and went off...

When they both got a drink at Starboard Coffee they sat down on 2 chairs close to each other, Areo on the right, Coco on the left, they drank while reading the news in their GrowPad, so they decided to leave, they walked away and unknowably went inside the Library of Fanfics, they arrived at the ship section and...


They bumped into each other...



The two started silently at each other, Areo opening his mouth to speak but closing it without saying a word, the two had something in his or her mind - 'This is someone that is important probably.' So after 3 minutes and 23 seconds of awkward silence, Areo spoke up.
"So youuuuuuur Cocomonkey?'
"Yes, just call me Coco, and your Areodax?"
"Call me Areo"

The two grinned and walked away from each other, it wasn't until later where something happened with Coco, Coco arrived at her house to find Nobel approaching to her, Nobel was in a tuxedo and spoke to her, "Hey Bæ" Coco was furious, she hated Nobel for being so rude and only wanted her, so she slapped Nobel in Anger, causing him to run away, dropping Roses.
Areo recieved a strange phonecall while driving back to his lab. 1-411-821-1414, he answered it and it was a soothing female voice - Cocomonkey. And he spoke.

"Hey Coco, what's up?"
"[Furious sound] NobelRulz."
"That rude, greedy person? Yeah what's up with him?"
"He asked me out to a date."
"To get more famous?"
"Oh, so why did you call me?"
On the other side Cocomonkey started to get more happy.
"Wanna go out with me?"
Areo smiled and said "Yes."
"Okay, time, at 6:30 pm at Cheesecake Laboratories, see you there!"
[Call Declined]

It was 6:24 pm when Areo arrived, he was in a Pinestripe suit with his 4th Moderator Scarf and with a 11th Moderator Bowtie. So he sat down waiting for Coco, after about 1 minute, Coco arrived with a sparkling fabulous red dress and a sunflower (sorry I just watched Vincent and the Doctor) on her head, holding a banana she ate while driving. Areo stood up and walked to a fancy dressed man with a Desperado Mustache, "Reservation for 2, the name is Areo." The man looked at a machine and nodded, they followed him to a porch outside where you ate when you had a reservation, there was a family and 3 couples away from them, so they had the right side to themselves, they ordered a Steak, Calamari, and Salmon for their dinner and a Banana Cheesecake for desert. There they talked about things they liked - disliked - shipped - Fandoms - and other things.

When there was no more people on the porch and they finished their dinner, Areo and Coco held on the bars of the porch and looked at the shiny lake, Coco spoke, "What if they ship us? What if they make a fanfic about us?" Areo looked at Coco and spoke, "That's okay, we're a couple for now and forever." Coco looked at Areo too, and smiled. Suddenly, a force of light, a soft kiss, Coco kissed Areodax, Coco closed her eyes, then Areo did too.

The ship of CocoDax had just begun.

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Tl:dr :rolleyes:, just kdding.

It been so long never seeing the same story since for a while

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Not enough impaling, 9/10

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Not enough impaling, 9/10


What he said kek.

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What he said kek.

Sorry for the lack of Megazork-ines and Sage-Spoons.

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What he said kek.

Not enough impaling, 9/10

I completely agree.
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release the ship

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What's Cocodax?

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