View Full Version : A weird dream

Mark Chong
11-11-2015, 04:43 PM
Yep, a dream that was spooky, really spooky for me. Apparently I fell asleep while listening to Monstercat podcast #80 Halloween special(Yea srsly wot).

If you wish to proceed into the dungeon of words

I don't remember how it started but eh, I dreamt hanging out with a few of my pri 1 classmates for Dk what reasons. Then something like my dream turned into an rpg game and then I appeared inside a mall where people were asking for directions for some reason. I left the mall and it led me to a basement where the exit led me to a town. There I played mobile games with a few of my pri 6 friends and then suddenly I went into the game and I needed to deliver 6 of something to a wolf. Something was telling me to quickly deliver it before it's night. And then I woke up, except I didn't rlly wake up. In the living room, my father bought alot of food and then I suddenly fell asleep again. Then it was total darkness and I was speaking to myself about something about waking up and dreams. Then I woke up to find my father calling me(This is real.. Probably). Then I restarted the podcast and went back to sleep for some reason. Then I drifted back to dreamland I think. I wake up when my father called me up again(fake). I went to my parents room and then the pillow my father had was a fishtank(wth) and some crazy stuff happened where both my parents died(wth man). Then more people died As I tried leaving the place but end up at many other place. Then my sister called me and I finally woke up(thk God this was real).

Pretty messy may have typo too