View Full Version : [POLL] Community YourWorldofText?

11-12-2015, 01:05 AM
Would anybody be interested in making a Your World of Text (http://www.yourworldoftext.com/) world for the RTSoft forum community? If so, what kind would you be most interested in? The options so far are as follows:

0. not interested:
Lets not do this

1. Public:
YourWorldofText in its simplest form. A single world where all are equal and can do whatever they please, although will likely be filled with spam more than anything else.

2. Members only:
A word would be made where it would be members only - that is everything is still anonymous, but you would have to register and be invited to participate. It would likely have far less spam. It could also be set so it is entirely members only and that guests cannot even visit the page, or that it is members only but guests can still view.

3. Hybrid:
A mix of 1 and 2. There would be member only areas, but other areas for guests as well. there could be a couple of sub-worlds as well. One for guests, one for members, and maybe a couple for other things too.

4. Other:
what are your ideas?

Personally, im leaning towards the hybrid options. Opinions? Ideas?

here is a link to where where the world most likely be located: