View Full Version : Finally rooted after several times of epic fails

11-12-2015, 09:46 AM
Today i was amazed that the rooting of my phone has been successful. My phone would show stupid errors when trying to root with KingRoot without my PC. I guess this is the problems of a Stable ROM.

Then after giving up, i then decided to flash a Developer ROM. The developer ROM in my opinion is more stable than the Stable ROM.

Today i decided to root my device after getting bored of being limited. And i proceeded to root, suddenly in the middle of the rooting the driver failed to install. But KingRoot shows a popup indicating the root is succesful. I immediately downloaded a Root Checker app and it says im rooted.

What apps to get so i can do those stuff rooted users do?

And before asking about warranty.
My phone's manufacturer allows root (aka warranty not voided after root)

11-12-2015, 05:12 PM
Game killer, lucky patcher, freedom, greenify, xpriivacy. Wifi kill - use this thing to block people from wifi you are connected and accept people you want to for ex your friends.

If you want feel like da boss install cyanogenmod on you android. If you feel brave then. I also heard that it has 13 v that is Andorid 6 marshmallow.