View Full Version : EDGE is the worst useless signal ever invented

11-13-2015, 06:24 AM
Do you ever encounter an EDGE signal when you were streaming or surfing the internet with mobile data? If you encounter it then i can guess that you are so f***ing irritated you want to slam your phone. I guess i want to thank the founder of EDGE for inventing this bull:poop:
What can we do with it? Get a ping result of ms

I mean like. EDGE can't even match the speed of 3G even better 3.5G
I mean, what for did they invent EDGE if it was just meant to ruin the carrier user's life?

I can conclude now that EDGE means:
EDGE=No Signal bar but is stupid cuz phone being a tryhard to show a signal

11-13-2015, 07:44 AM
Because EDGE is better than GPRS. It's something like 5kbps download speed and 1kbps upload speed iirc.
EDGE = 2.5G, GPRS = 2G

Did you check if your area has free dialup? You can get better speeds than GPRS (65kbps)

No, in fact like nobody in my city or province uses dialup.

GRPS= No Signal to modern people
EDGE= Rage to modern people