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11-16-2015, 12:49 AM
- Cloud and Stork from a Pixar short (Cloud packs the babies, Stork delivers them)
- God of Fortune (a Chinese New Year guardian that brings luck and money to people)
- Monsters (either from Monsters Inc. or Boggie Man make them)
- Baby New Year (welcomes every New Year)
- Cupid (uses Heartbow to make people fall in love with each other)
- Leprachaun (an Irish guardian that works like God of Fortune)
- April Fool (brings joy and laughter to people)
- Growganoth (Growtopian guardian that can exchange sacrifices for scary stuff)
- Growch (Growtopian guardian that is given Winter Gifts to rise up his Heart Level so that new winter stuff)
- Merry Walrus (a Club Penguin guardian that works like Santa, except he rides his sled pulled by Blue Crystal Puffles, and his party tradition is different from Christmas)
- QuadFather (an Italian beaver that is given something by the you-know-who quadruple during their birthday. And when the garlic is crushed, he'll come and even shoot Meatball Bazooka at people)
- Anti-Fairies (delivers bad luck at people, Friday the 13th is the Anti-Fairy Season, where bad luck is more prone for people)
- and *** is the HalloWeenie in Halloween?

11-16-2015, 01:14 AM
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Question: If you are a Guardian, what would you do? (by I mean Guardian, I mean someone like the people above my 2nd post in my thread)