View Full Version : LIFE OF...(ep. 1 part.1)

11-19-2015, 01:46 AM
**2:54 PM**

"Yesterday was history, today is a Gift, tomorrow is a mystery." saids Ms. Gordan.


*Everyone packs up their stuff and runs like there's a pyschopath*


**3:01 PM**

*at the lockers*

Ah, High school is such a mess, so confusing I said to myself. Then a pretty girl- I believe her name was Grace walked to her locker which was three lockers away from me. She looks at me and I quickly look like as if I was staring at something behind her, right when she looks back to see what I was staring at, I quickly focused back on grabbing the binders I would need for homework.

Someone tapped me on the shoulder, I nearly jumped up. It was Grace, the pretty girl I was staring at earlier.

Grace: Hey, aren't you in my 5th period class? Whats your name, again?
Thomas: Tho-Thomas.
Grace: Tho-Thomas? Uhh, hi Tho-Thomas. Nice to meet chu.
Thomas: I got to go, see ya!
Grace: WAIT! Do you have a phone?
Thomas: Ye-Yea.
Grace: kay, lets exchange numbers, in-case you know, if you ever needed help on homework.

We then quickly exchanged and I had this weird feeling, its like i got shocked without feeling pain. As I'm walking out the school door, my phone vibrated, I took my phone out of my pocket and I read the notification. Two seconds later, I started jumping like a monkey... It's pouring outside and I didn't even know. I quickly ran inside and try to dry off my phone with parts of my shirt that weren't wet, my mother would literally kill me if I broke my phone on the first day of school.

Staying inside, siting on a bench which was placed at the hall like a total idiot. Then I just remembered my phone vibrated earlier, I checked and it was a message from Grace that simply said: Hola, is dis Thomas. I then texted back "yeah.."

FINALLY, HOME SWEET HOME. Rained stopped, so I quickly ran home.

**102 days later**

ME AND GRACE ARE LIEK BEST FRIENDS NOW. Maybe I want to be more than friends with Grace, but ehhh I'll ask tomorrow or something. We're at the skate park right now, It's a Saturday by the way. Grace on her phone doing whatever, while I'm staring at her, she looks at me and then...

Thomas; WJHAT?
Grace: I.. have.. a.. bf.....
Thomas: nicee

She then saids I got to go, baaaaiiiii..
Sorry, this is just so random, lol