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(Version 2) Blurb: It's been over a century since the cyborgs came and ruled over earth. Humans were lower class scums, treated like slaves. I've been in hiding as long as I could remember, preparing for war against the cyborgs. I was their secret weapon, lethal you could say. Little did I know, things turned a quick 360°.

Should I continue?

(Version 1)It's been over a century since the cyborgs came and ruled over earth. Humans were lower class scums, treated like slaves. Humans had hoped to believe that the prophecy was true, that a hero would put an end to their misery. Cyborgs knew about the prophecy, and searched everywhere for her. She was their only hope, the human's only hope to take back what was theirs. Many had tried, but all had failed. It was
man-kind's last chance, or loosing hope forever.

Version #1


* * * Alana wiped the sweat off her forehead, she heard people yelling in the distance. Great, she thought, another useless boycott the will eventually get them disposed of. Her master, Quinil, had ordered her to fix his hovercraft. Alana is a mechanic, fixing things is what she was assigned to do ever since she was born. She liked being one, the #1 job in the list in her opinion, compared to being a test rat. A test rat is where cyborgs do experiments on humans, most of the test rats die during an experiment.

* * * Alana removed the control panel and looked in it. She cringed when she heard crashing noises and people screaming for their lives. It wasn't a rare occurrence that people went against cyborgs, she thought they were stupid to go against someone that had more power as them.

* * * She found that the liquid-energy container was overheated, causing the liquid-energy to raise and spill over. She put on some leather gloves and carefully started to clean the liquid-energy. The liquid-energy container had a hole in it too, she had to replace the container and refill it with liquid-energy. After she removed the container and cleaned the liquid-energy up, she put the container in her storage cabinet.

* * * Alana took off her leather gloves. She would have to look for another container, it should be easy because many of the cyborgs dispose them in the junkyard. She walked out of the garage and went over to the junkyard. Alana searched through the piles until she found a decent one. She checked it to make sure it wasn't broken, after she gave it an okay, she walked back to the garage. Alana checked the time, 620 CB. Master Quinil would be mad if she was late! Alana quickly put the container it it's place and secured it in. She got the liquid-energy jug and filled the container.

* * * Alana screwed the cap on and put the control panel back in it's place. Alana checked the time again, 690 CB. She quickly ran up to her master, she only had 10 CBM left, she would surely get whipped if she was late. Alana stopped at her master's door and knocked. It was soon opened with her master's face with an expression saying that she was dead. He was mad, "I see that you're late, is what you were doing more important than obeying your master's orders?" He said with his artificial eyebrows raised.

* * * Alana felt a blow to her cheek. She was 1 CBM late, Alana was lucky that she was treated better than other humans. Cyborgs came to earth around a century ago, they demanded for the world to be handed over to them. The humans disagreed, thus making a war. The cyborgs were more advanced as us humans, making them have a advantage. The cyborgs' world was destroyed by their planet crashing into another planet, forcing them to move to a new planet.

* * * Soon, the cyborgs had overtaken the humans and forced them to be slaves. A prophecy was created stating,"When the moon shines the brightest, the stars become one, a girl is born, to claim what is her's" Us humans have figured out most of the prophecy, but we can't figure out the, "When the moon shines the brightest, the stars become one"

* * * Even the cyborgs couldn't figure it out, and they have been looking for the girl ever since the prophecy was created. Alana thinks that the people who believe that prophecy are idiots, it's been there for around 70 years, yet cyborgs still are enslaving humans.

* * * Alana gulped, "Sorry master, I was just finishing fixing up your hovercraft. It is now good as new." Alana said. She felt a kick to the stomach. "Couldn't you do it faster? I bet that other worthless trash like you could do it half the time that you took"

* * * Alana knew that he was lying, he knew that she was one of the best mechanics in earth. Cyborgs hate being corrected, so she said nothing and lowered her head. "Tch, 15 lashes for you. 10 for being late, and 5 for talking back at me" Alana's master said not even sparing a glance at her. Alana wasn't talking back, but she knew better than objecting.

* * * Alana usually gets her lashes every CBW. The number adds up throughout the week, she's used to the lashes, the pain is just a feeling she would always think every time she felt the flesh of her back ripping. Her master waved his hand at her, dismissing her. Alana walked back down do the garage. She barley had eaten anything because she didn't have enough time to search or make food.

* * * People came in and out to get their things fixed, she didn't earn anything when Alana worked, because everything goes to her master. Alana honestly thinks cyborgs are partly stupid. When they ask for something to get fixed, it's probably to most easiest thing, like this one time a cyborg came in because the cyborg's robot wasn't working. Turns out, the cyborg forgot to turn on the power button.

* * * Alana's master forbids her to speak with other humans, claiming that they make her unfocused on her work. After a long a day of work, Alana laid down on the floor and looked up to the sky. Soon, she slowly drifted off to sleep.


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seems a little cliché :whistling:

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Meh, wasn't really planning for it to be that cliche
(Gonna Change it up a bit)

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Continue plsplsplsplsplsplsplspsls

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Gonna make two different versions of this.

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Ill give u a :cool: for this cool story

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what do you mean when things turn 360 degrees bc when you turn 360 degrees you end up in the same spot as before.