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08-11-2009, 05:00 PM
I'm new here. Let me introduce myself.
My real name is Alex and I'm from Romania. Dink Smallwood is the game that made me register here (I'm a real fan :P).
I'm really interested in Windows App. and game programming. I have programmed 'til today in Pascal, Basic, C++ and C# (I love C# the most). Mostly, I've been working on modding tools (I have yet to release my improved version of the NPC script generator for the game Gothic, which is currently my best looking Win. App. and my largest project of it's kind. It is written in C#).
A few days ago I started a new XNA (C# again) project. It was supposed to be an unofficial spin-off for Dink Smallwood but after working a bit on it I immediately thought of the possibilities.
The reason I registered here for is to ask Seth if he would allow people to look at my game as to the official sequel for Dink. But that doesn't mean that I can't make friends here and have a friendly chat with them :)
The game's current (new) features are:
A big scrolling map (the world map is split no more, but the interiors (houses, caves) are looked at by the engine as single maps)
A new Quest Log, stats screen, inventory, trading system (all of them animated).
It uses the original Dink graphics as well as other graphics made by my friends at the Dink Network and of course, some graphics made by me.
As soon as the Tech Demo video is ready, I will post it here. I'd like to hear Seth's answer AFTER seeing the demo.
Of course, the game will be free. Also, I will make a port of it on the X360.
Thanks a lot and I hope I'll be able to make a lot of friends here and have a good time.