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11-26-2015, 06:06 PM
So.I we had to make some narratives about a hero and stuffs. I just wanted to share mine :)

By: (This is supposed to have my real name)

It was an usual Friday, I woke up, excited for school, and what’s after it..then I noticed something unusual, my mom wasn’t looking too good, her skin was pale, very pale.

Later that day in school..

I was watching the morning announcements, I was shocked! A new disease..? It was called Skittles and caused by high stress levels, It had only one known side effect at the time, pale skin. I was wondering, Did my mom have Skittles? I doubted the fact, she was perfectly fine! I continued daydreaming, then I got interupted KRRRRPLANG, the bell rung, time for Social Studies..
I sat down next to my friend Timm, we’ve continued our friendship for a long time, since 2nd grade and now, we’re now Sophomores (11th graders)! Though, we known each other for 9 years, I still hesitated to tell him about Skittles, and how my mom might have it. I still kind of doubted my lovely mom had it, what did she ever do to deserve it?

After school..

Finally! Schools out, well..for now. It’s Friday! I stepped downstairs to get ready for my study date with Timm, but I saw another unusual feature in my mom, she was coughing and felt sick, I had to cancel my study date and study tomorrow. The whole day I was really scared, so I just stayed home and aided my mom.

The very next day..
I was even more scared today I was panicked, was she really going to die like this? It’s not fair, first my dad, now her? Why does the world need to be so harsh? Why does everyone I care about die..? I went to bed, paralyzed in fear. I didn’t sleep well that day. I woke up, continuing my ordinary routine, but today was even more strange, my mom’s eyes were purple. I told her to look in the mirror, and that’s when she started to believe me.. I started to dial 911, and I called them. They were on their way, and there she left, gone like the wind. Tears started building up in my eyes, I can’t believe it, she’s really gone, I was scared, sad, hopeless, forlorn. Timm probably couldn’t even cheer me up.
The next day, I walk over to Timm’s house for our study date, as I’m walking, I’m thinking what are they going to do to her? And there I take off, bursting in tears crazily, I finally arrived at his house, taking deep breathes, I told him about the whole Skittles story, his mom offered to let me stay at their house, I was thankful, and took the offer. I slept over at Timm’s house that night, his mom told me I could stay as long as I wanted to. I guess I’ll be spending a long time here, as my mom is ill.
This time when I woke up I brushed my teeth, and went downstairs to see a beautiful, premade breakfast. I ate every single last bite of my plate and say my goodbye’s to Timm’s mom. It’s Sunday morning, Timm and I go and check on my mom. There she was hooked up to what look liked a thousand gadgets! I hug her as I cry on her bed, the doctors told me, “She might make it.”
“But what are the odds?” I asked the doctor. I was paralyzed with shock, The chances she would live where only one out of a million. I nearly fainted, “Will s-s-s-she make it?”
I couldn’t bare a life without my mom.
This isn’t an ordinary disease, this kills an average human in just 3 days, the disease is getting spread so quickly. The population is increasing about in 75 million humans every year, Skittles is killing off about 546,575 humans in a day, At this rate, Skittles is killing about 200 million people every year (199,499,875), and at this rate, the whole human population will go extinct. Skittles may be the end of the world, for humans, at least.

20 Years Later..

It’s been around 20 years, I got my doctorate degree 8 years ago, and now doctors all around the world are trying to find out cures for Skittles. Around 3,989,997,500 people have died. Our population is now decreasing and only about 1,500,000,000 people have been born. The human race is going to die out, there’s only about 5 billion left, about 2 billion less than 20 years ago..We have established a huge medical team over these years, from people all other the world, from the US, all the way to Australia, Singapore, and even New Zealand! Even Timm is joining our team to kill the disease that killed my mom..

10 Years Later..

“It felt like it’s been forever,” I said “we’re also there!”
“No disease can beat us!” screamed a French man.
“Cheers to everyone, the skittles extermination crew!” Timm said, as we hit glasses.
That night was great, all of us got together and we were so close to the cure! It’s been roughly 30 years since Skittles has been found, we’re hoping to stop the spread rate, Skittles is very contagious, even if you’re not stressed, Skittles can spread through just a single touch, the Skittles virus can easily stick onto medicine and vaccines, which makes curing it nearly impossible. There’s only one hope right now, The medicine we’ve been working on for 30 years, the Skittles Annihilator, we like to call it, what this does is it shoots in a sound wave in your body, that measures up to 300 decibels, we also specialized it so it could go through the entire body, just with one little shot. And there we were just about 4 weeks later, we finished. There it was, the cure, Skittles will stop killing, Skittles is GONE.
The human population was only at 3 billion people, but at about 75 million people annually and Skittles gone, we’ll make it back up..(hopefully)
The End..

Shadin Siddique
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Best story ever.
I read every single thing.

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Skittles are evil..eviiiiil!!!1!1!1!1!!!!!!1!1!!1!1!1!1!!1!1!1! 1!1

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Aw comon! I just had half a bag of Skittles. :nope:

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Aw comon! I just had half a bag of Skittles. :nope:

You're going to die.

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You're going to die.

start *cough* making that cu... *cough* ...cure for me... *cough* *cough*

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start *cough* making that cu... *cough* ...cure for me... *cough* *cough*


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Gimme the.. cu.. curr.. my ey..eyes..

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Gimme the.. cu.. curr.. my ey..eyes..


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This reminds me of that game Plague Inc.

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Anyone found any..Typos..of some short?