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Third Page.
Roy Halberg. Genius in Thieving and lock picking. Without Roy Hideki’s plan was useless. Futile. Roy had red hair. Wore a sweater and constantly got into fights. He was black mailed by a gang since the age of 5 so he has a lot of experience in the minds’ of criminals. Roy is Japanese so that made Hideki asking for his help much easier. Roy was sitting on the play ground waiting for the gang to come and get their pay when Hideki came out of the bushes. “Ah, there you are. Been looking for you. Roy I need you to come by my house at July 26th. At 5:00 through 7-“
“July 26th?! Hell no! I need to give them their pay by then and I’ll be busy all week!”
“I didn’t forget about your gang Roy. I took care of them already.” Hideki said as he twirled his curly hair by one finger. Roy was shocked. “What-?! The same gang that has terrorized my life and family for nearly 10 years?!! Not even the police could control them! How-“. Hideki took on a scary look. One that made Roy know his place beneath Hideki from then on. “As long as they are American. As long as they find the soil beneath their feet the promise land. I won’t let them live.” Hideki tossed the note too Roy. “Wait- You- You killed them?!” Hideki didn’t answer and walked home. He didn’t really kill them. But he beat them near death so Hideki thought that counted.

One last person. Gintoki Julius. “The most insane sane man on the planet. I need him because of his crazy and brave attitude. He’s going to be doing things that’ll cost him his life in my plan but he won’t care because he thinks its fun.”. Gintoki had messy green hair and made bombs whenever he could. Hideki was walking down the hallway looking for Gintoki when he heard something. “AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!” An explosion went through one door and gas lit the hallway. Hideki walked nonchalantly too the door and opened it. Gintoki was sitting on the bodies of 5 of the classmates that were in the class. “Ah Hey Hideki! I made a new bomb today and I went over my record of killing 3 people in one class!”
“That’s fine Gintoki. Now come by my house at July 26th. The time you need to come is on the note” Gintoki accepted the note and nodded. As Hideki went out the door he said. “Gintoki, is killing people something you want to do? Or you just don’t care.”
Gintoki paused for a bit. And said with a look that even made Hideki hesitant. “I just don’t give two shits about anybody I kill. Because they are just victims of my fun and they just got in the way. If you get in the way of my fun I’ll kill you as well Hideki.”
Hideki smiled and said “That’s what I like to hear.” and walked out.

Before Hideki makes preparations he wanted to talk with Mr. Dick. “Hello, Principal. I’d like to talk with you about me destroying America.” Mr. Dick looked up. Could Hideki have changed his mind? Mr. Dick thought to himself. “Sure, Hideki! Please speak your mind!” Mr. Dick said happily. Hideki paused for just a moment. This pause scared Mr. Dick.

“You think I should bomb The World Trade Center or the white house?” Hideki said adjusting his neck.

Mr. Dick got up immediately and aimed a gun at Hideki. “I’ve watched you grow as a child. I gave you a chance! And you spat it back at me!” Mr. Dick yelled. Hideki was calm and smiled. “This is goodbye Hideki. I’m sorry it had too come to this.”
Mr. Dick cocked the gun. The door flew open behind Hideki as Hideki took a step too the right. Gintoki threw a stick bomb at the Gun Mr. Dick was shooting and it exploded. Killing Mr. Dick and leaving Hideki with a dirtied shirt. Gintoki walked up to Hideki and gave the note back. Hideki read the note out loud. “Throw a sticky bomb into the principals office in 5 minutes. Heh, I’m glad I took a chance on you knowing how to read.” Hideki said as he gave Gintoki the real note. “I’m still going to kill you though.”


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Didn't see that end coming. There better be more 'splosions.

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Didn't see that end coming. There better be more 'splosions.

you read it in 5 minutes

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you read it in 5 minutes

Yeah. I read pretty fast. Thank goodness for my American bra... I mean Japanese brain.

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Thank goodness for my American bra... I mean Japanese brain.

thats what i ****** thought

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bumped for america

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bumped bombs