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Fourth page.

General Lowry walked down the hall way. A look of disdain on his face followed by heartless rage. As he slammed the door on his way into his office he kicked the table in half. The shaking of the table getting destroyed made the picture with Lowry’s family fall down and crack. Lieutenant Holly ran into the room. “Sir! Is everything all right!”. “Hideki! He- That son of a bitch! He-!”. Holly put her head down and said “I think I know what happened.”
“He killed my brother!!!” Lowry punched a hole through his cement wall. “So- What do we do..?” Holly said. Scared of Lowry. Lowry sat down on his chair in the middle of his destroyed room. He lit a cigarette which surprised Holly because Lowry never smokes. “We kill him and everybody responsible.”

2001 July 26th

Hello everyone. You are all here because I gave you all notes. They all looked at each other confused. Roy looked at Juliet the longest. “You are all here for one reason and one reason only.”
“Too destroy America’s spirit.” Hideki said. Gintoki in confusion said. “I thought you wanted to destroy America all together.” “America is no better then pig **** stuck on a road. But they are strong. So we’ll proceed with baby steps.”. Nobody said anything and just looked at each other in determination. “So what do we do?” Juliet questioned.
“We bomb The World Trade Center. On September 11.” Everybody gasped. “You- you’re insane.” Roy said in complete shock. “I’m determined.” Hideki said smiling. “If we do that it will NEVER be forgotten. It will scar America for eternity. Which is everything I want to do.”. Nobody objected. But everybody other then Gintoki wanted too. They were scared of Hideki killing them because of their objection. “We’ll need a plane. And considering the war against Vietnam and the case against Osama Bin laden we’ll need somebody to frame.”. Everybody stayed silent. “At first I wanted to hit them where it hurts. Which is the white house. But I feel like if we did that we wouldn’t prove anything.”. Juliet raised her hand. “Are we going to kamikaze?” Hideki almost laughed and said. “I would never kill myself to scar America. I will not die because of this pig **** of a country. I will only kill.” Juliet choked. “We are all the way in Texas. It’ll take us forever to get too New York.” Gintoki said.

“No it won’t. Just follow my lead.” Hideki said not feeling like explaining the route. “First thing we’ll need to do is get a police car. That’s the faster car we’ll get that’s in the area. Here’s the plan.” Hideki sat down on the bed pausing for a minute and then said. “I know a police officer that goes into the library at 7:30. Which is half an hour from now. Now if we kill him-“ “No! No killing!” Juliet said scared. Hideki sighed and nodded. He didn’t want to distract her from her work. But if he needs too he will kill.
“We walk in. I’ll stand by the police car. Gintoki and Roy you go in and distract him. Juliet gets the keys. Pretty straight forward and easy. If you mess this up we fail. And

“I’ll probably kill you.”

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