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Sixth Page
Hideki was driving and whistling the same tune of the song Juliet and Roy dreaded as an unknown figure waved on the side of the road. “Heyy~!! I need some help!!” It was a female in cowboy attire. Hideki stopped by the women which surprised Roy and Juliet. “Get in” Hideki said. The women blushed as his line of sight was directed at her.

“Who are you first of all.” Hideki said. The woman’s arms caressed Hideki as she was laughing really hard which annoyed him. “My name is Taylor. And why don’t y’all come on down to our little town and rest! Y’all helped me out so best I do the same!”
“Sure we’ll stay. It’s getting late anyway.” Roy said yawning. Taylor pressed her face against Hideki’s “And maybe YOU can sleep in MY room.”. Juliet got upset and yelled at her but Hideki looked at Gintoki and they both nodded at each other. Roy remembered what Hideki said about blowing up everything they come in contact with so he whispered to Hideki. “Don’t you think we can spare one place we go to? They are nice enough too give us a place to stay.” Hideki sighed and nodded at him as a sign of agreement. They stopped at the town Taylor was talking about too rest for the night.

Hideki, Gintoki, Roy, Juliet and Taylor all walked into the salon. “Y’all! We have a couple visitors for tonight!” Everybody started cheering. Hideki examined the area while Roy and Juliet got something to eat. “Juliet.. do you think we should escape? It’s the perfect chance.” Roy whispered. “I’m frightened as well but I want to help Hideki. He’s not that bad.” Juliet replied. Roy looked away angrily and drank his root beer. “Hey girls! Look at what we got here today!” Taylor announced pointing at Hideki as he was looking around. They all started whistling and Hideki tried his best too ignore them. A burly hairy man approached Hideki and said “Who the hell do you think you are?!” Hideki ignored him and looked for the best places to plant bombs. “Ignore me will ya? I’ll destroy you!” The man went for an overhead punch and all the girls screamed. Hideki looked at him but looked away immediately kept walking in the direction he was heading and the punch missed.

“Wha- what in fresh hell!?” The man said looking at his fist shocked that he missed. “Dude hes a kid!” one of the other men shouted. “I don’t care!” The man turned around and went for another punch. A sticky bomb flew in front of the man’s fist and the man exploded. Messing up Hideki’s hair. “Nobody’s going to kill you other then me!”. “You retard! You killed that man brutally in front of all these people!”
Everybody couldn’t speak. They were so shocked. Even Taylor was scared. Hideki needed to break the silence. “So? Is it really that shocking to see a man die? That man was in possession of bombs and it back fired on him.”. Everybody started to understand and sigh. Hideki walked too the table with Roy and Juliet. “We need to go.”
“But I’m tired!”
“I don’t care.”
“Let’s just go to sleep for one night here so we can regain our strength.” Said Gintoki. Hideki sighed and walked away. “Who want’s to play spin the bottle!” Everybody clapped and cheered and the men gleefully tried to join the circle. “Hideki do you want to play?” Hideki turned around. Roy and Juliet thought. Of course, he’s going to say “Hell no.” right? “Sure” Hideki replied. Roy was in complete shock and Juliet almost fainted. Hideki has a soft spot for games but he doesn’t know how to play Spin The Bottle. “How do you play?” Hideki said. Normally Hideki would’ve said No even if he didn’t know how to play spin the bottle. But he didn’t want to go to sleep and be completely defenseless. “You spin the bottle and whoever it point’s to gets a ‘Special’ prize!”. Hideki was confused. “That seems pretty straight forward. There’s no challenge? You just wait for the bottle to point at you?” Taylor gave him a thumbs up and Hideki looked away. He noticed a female with a hoodie on. She had lit eyes and bangs. The bottle started to spin. Hideki stared at this lady wondering why she has a hood on and the bottle stopped at him when he wasn’t even noticing. On the other side of the bottle it was a girl that started to squirm around and blush as the other girls gave her thumbs ups and patted her on the back. The girl in the hood caught Hideki’s eye. Hideki continued to stare at this women as the girl on the other side of the bottle went in for a kiss.

Hideki didn’t even notice the other girl in front of his face as she came slowly and slowly in. Hideki blinked for a second looked in front of him and was in complete shock that he couldn’t do anything other then watch the girl kiss him. He was struck with many emotions Confusion, Shock, Worry, Anger, etc but everything other then romance and love. The girl backed away and looked into his eyes eagerly. Hideki turned red and got up and ran out of the salon. The girl’s all cheered and celebrated this girl’s triumpth As the commotion went on the girl in the hoodie walked out of the salon where Hideki ran out. Hideki’s arms were rested on the balcony as he stared at her. “You signaled me to come out. But that was an unorthodox way to remove yourself from the room.”. “If I did anything else people would’ve followed me. I am interested in you.”. The girl laughed a little and said “You called me out here to confess?” “Why are your eyes as lit as they are. And why do you wear a hoodie inside on a sweltering day. I want to know why.”.

“I can read people’s thoughts. This hoodie is the only thing that’s keeping me from hearing other people’s thoughts.” Hideki was shocked. “What am I thinking now then.” Hideki asked. The girl removed her hoodie and said. “You’re thinking ‘I need this girl to be on my team.’ Are you?”. “Correct” Hideki responded. Now what do you say?”
“I refuse”
Hideki grew annoyed. “Why?”

“Because you plan on killing me”

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