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Seventh Page.

“I’m kidding, I can’t read the future and not a lot of people talk in there minds.” Said the female in the hoodie. “I’ll join you, only cause you’re cute.”. “What’s your name.” Asked Hideki. “Skyla” She said smiling. “Hideki” Hideki answered back.
“Now that you’re on my team. Go to sleep. I can’t have my team being exhausted.” Hideki said as he pointed at her. Skyla nodded and walked inside and Hideki sighed. Asking himself if his team would even eat if he didn’t tell them too when he felt a metallic substance rub up against the back of his shirt. When Hideki figured out what it was he was not surprised. It was a gun.

“Hideki, you’re going to sleep forever.” Lowry said amused at his witty response. He was about to pull the trigger when Hideki quickly kicked him through the balcony into the stomach. Lowry quickly opened his eyes to find the same very shirt that he was about to shoot through was hanging off the holster of his gun. The shirt had a stick bomb with Gintoki’s initials on it.

Hideki jumped into the salon shirtless with an impressive 6 pack. He got whatever tables and chairs he could find and threw it in front of the door. The women didn’t question anything and enjoyed the view but the men did. “What’s gotten into you Hideki?” One kind man said. This man was the father of Taylor. “There’s a mad man out there ready to shoot up this Salon to get too me.”. “Don’t worry kid. I won’t let this man shoot anybody here including my daughter.” The man assured. Lowry kicked the door down effortlessly. Dragging a shotgun across the floor. Taylor decided to confront him.

“Hey, I have no problem with visitors but you have to put your weapon away.”

Lowry held the gun with his arm pit and lit a cigar as he walked up slowly to Taylor. He then pick the gun up tiredly and pointed it at Taylor’s head. He said nothing.
A gunshot was heard throughout the room and Roy and Juliet were shocked and surprised at what had happened. Hideki was bleeding as he was holding Taylor by the arms. The blood was emitting from his head which slid down and covered his left eye. “You’re- huff only fighting me.” Hideki said in pain. Juliet and Roy couldn’t believe it. Hideki would kill whole families just because they’re in the way. They thought about how strange his personality was and how happy they were about it.

Lowry was pissed off. “Little piece of ****, pretending to give a **** about other people.” Lowry said aiming the gun at Hideki. “You both can die.”. Gintoki jumped at Lowry and kicked him in the shin. Lowry hit him with the gun in a rage. He looked down too see a sticky bomb attached to his shin and Gintoki smiling on the ground. Lowry exploded and Hideki fainted.

Hideki woke up with a group of girls surrounding his bed. “Hey hes awake!” one of them screamed. Hideki got up slowly as everybody started yelling around him. The girl that kissed him walked right next to him and everybody grew quiet. “So, how are you doing?” Hideki ignored her and put on his sweater. “If you have any problems you can just ask me! It’s alright if you speak your mind to me.”. Hideki walked out of the door and said “Annoying.” As he slammed it. Skyla, Roy, Gintoki, and Juliet were all standing near the car.

“Hey, do you drive this thing?” She said pointing at the car behind her with her thumb. Gintoki complained about wasting so much bombs and Roy and Juliet just sat together and examined Hideki. Hideki started the car and drove.

“Remind me not too pick up hitch hikers.” He said before he started whistling the song Roy and Juliet oh so hated.

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Are you hakma?

The lord savior?

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Are you hakma?

The lord savior?

i am god fam no more no less