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Eighth Page

As Hideki was driving and everybody was sleeping in the car. Skyla rested on his lap and Gintoki resting on the top of the car Hideki noticed something. On a top down view they formed the kanji symbol for death. Anybody else would’ve passed it off as a simple coincidence but Hideki believed that one of them was going to die soon. If not later. This scared Hideki. Would one of them dying fail his mission? Hideki would not let that happen.

Hideki stopped the car near a lake too get some water and Skyla was the only one to be woken up by Hideki walking out the car. Skyla thought Hideki was taking a bath so she decided to watch eagerly. Hideki took off his sweater to reveal something on his back. This sight made Skyla wish she stayed in the car.

Healed burn marks on Hideki’s back formed the Japanese flag.

Hideki quickly turned around but Skyla pretended to sleep in the car. He turned back around a dipped into the water.

“Are we there yet!” Gintoki said juggling his bombs. “No.” Hideki said driving. They were in the middle of a desert road. Roy and Juliet were talking in the back. While Skyla stared at Hideki. “Something wrong?” Hideki asked. “Uh- No.” Skyla said looking away. Bikers in big bikes surrounded Hideki’s car. Gintoki stopped juggling and took a serious look. “Where do you think you’re going?” One of the bikers said laughing.

“I don’t know about me but you’re going straight to hell.” Hideki said as he pointed at them without looking them. Gintoki chucked a few bombs around their car. 3 of them died and 4 of them retreated. Roy and Juliet didn’t like Hideki’s personality at times. That’s the fifth time Hideki killed a number of people without hesitation. Would he kill them if they didn’t meet his standards. “Halberg,” Hideki called out.
“Ye- yes!” Roy shot up. “Do you have any fighting skill?” Hideki asked. “I’m- I’m decent.”. “Good, stand by Juliet and don’t let her get hurt. Because if she does.”
Roy already knew the answer but didn’t want to hear it come out of Hideki’s mouth.
Hideki turned around with a hand covering his face with eyes of hate as he told Roy “I’ll kill you.”. Hideki turned around and whistled the same song Roy knows and loves.

That’s it. Roy was finished. He needed to escape. Hideki was too intense and his life was on the line. He would either find a chance to kill Hideki or run away. And he planned on bringing Juliet with him.
Holly was dragging Lowry by the hands as Lowry was fainted asleep. He was losing blood fast and Holly felt like letting him live. She tied his destroyed leg so the blood wouldn’t flow out. She sat right next to him as he woke up. They were sitting on a hill in the moon light. “Is Hideki dead.” Lowry asked. “Nope.” Holly answered as she gave him a cigarette. “But don’t worry I’ll kill him for you.” Holly said. “All you have to do is just walk up to him and shoot him. It’s nothing intense.”.
“I wish it was that straight forward” Lowry said jokingly. Holly laughed and decided too rest on the stump she was sitting on.

2001 – Hideki Nashville – September 10th

They booked a hotel near the Airport. Roy has seen Hideki murder millions. He killed one guy just cause he thought he looked like Lowry and he has ruined an intense amount of people. Roy’s mind was pushed to the edge. A couple times he thought Hideki was actually going to kill him. But that’s not even the reason why his mind was pushed so far. Was Roy going to help Hideki scar a million people for eternity. Tomorrow was the day. The night was intense. Roy only thought about dying, killing other people, ruining lives, ruining his own life. He couldn’t take it. He had 23 consecutive nightmares in the midst of 4 hours of sleep which all made him cry. The last nightmare was about Hideki. Hideki killed Juliet in front of Roy. He then walked up too roy slowly. Grabbed roy by the neck and snapped it. Roy had a heart attack.

“AAAAAAAARAGHH!!!!!!!!!!” Roy screamed grabbing his chest. Everybody ran into the room. Juliet screamed “He’s having a heart attack!!”. “Well, I don’t know how to deal with this.” Hideki said shrugging. Nobody there knew how to save somebody from dying of a heart attack. “Call 911!” Juliet screamed. “If we do. The government will be able to track the phone number and find us.”. Juliet was in tears.
“We’ll have to kill him then just to make sure he’s dead.”. Hideki went for a chop around Roy’s neck. Roy grabbed Hideki’s hand with ease. His eye’s reminded Hideki of his own. Roy then lazily kicked Hideki in the shin to trip him and then kicked him in the neck. Hideki fell into the wall and made a huge hole. Gintoki and Juliet couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Roy cracked and adjusted his neck. Hideki read “The Man of the High Blood Pressure.” About a thousand times. It was a title passed down in America’s culture. It was a man or women who’s strength was only awakened when the protection of millions of people were at stake. Hideki trained for this day but felt helpless. Roy’s hair was a darker shade of red. Hideki came out of the rubble.

“I’ll kill you before you even touch a hair on America.” Roy said making the number one sign with his hand.

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