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Roy made his hand into a chopping position parallel to his face as he said. “Hideki, Are you prepared to kill me? Because you will if you plan on bombing the Trade Center.”. Hideki walked out of the rubble and made a rather hard scowl at Roy. Roy smiled. Sat down in a criss cross position with his head resting on his hand. “You’re mocking me.” Hideki said clenching his fist in front of his face. “Hardly, I wanted to try something out. Look below me. I am currently able to float 7 centimeters above ground.” Roy said as he pointed down. Juliet said too afraid to move. “He- he’s right.
He’s floating! How is this possible!”. “I’ll tell you how.” Roy slowly put his hand up.
“I saw God for 3 seconds.” Roy said putting 3 fingers up.

In light of this news Hideki jumped out of the window. Onto the street and ran too the air port. He was going to bomb The Trade Center no matter who he had to kill. Roy jumped out the window and chased after Hideki in the middle of the street. Roy was influxiated with confusion and anger. Why. Why did Hideki want to destroy America’s spirit so bad. There were so many other things to do. Where did Hideki’s hatred for America start. Roy thought to himself. “Well, I better not focus on that right now I have to end him.” He said. Hideki ran into the airport looking for the nearest plane. Roy ran into the airport looking for him. Hideki jumped into the closing staircase of an airplane and Roy could only watch.

The plane flew. Roy could only levitate for 7 centimeters. It was over. No matter how fast he run he would never catch up.

If he was human.

Roy took a deep breathe. Exhaled as dark red aura emitted from his body and ran. He didn’t let anything distract him. Just him vs the plane’s speed. Roy jokingly thought to himself how the plane didn’t see God for 3 seconds like he did. He ran across the highway and jumped over the fence.

Hideki pointed a gun at the pilot. He had 3 choices. One, kamikaze The World Trade Center and die. Two, Jump out the plane at the last second with a parachute and die by Roy’s hand. Three, Try his best too kill Roy. Hideki didn’t like his options but he knew that’s all he had. If he failed he would die and everything he had lived up for would go down the drain.

Skyla, Gintoki, and Juliet all sat down in the hotel. Wondering what to do from there. “Roy and Hideki must be like 50 blocks from us. We’ll never catch them.” Gintoki said juggling his bombs. “Who do you want to win Juliet.” Skyla asked Juliet gleaming. “Roy or Hideki.”. Juliet looked up angrily and said. “Roy.”. Skyla smiled. Nodded and walked outside too the hotel room. Skyla asked the waiter for a copy of The Man of the HBP and walked away.

Hideki counted the seconds until the plane hit the building. One of the noble passengers tried too attack Hideki. Hideki didn’t stop keeping eye contact on the building. The passenger went for a shot at the side of Hideki’s neck but Hideki stopped it with one hand and broke the passengers arm. As the passenger laid there screaming. Roy was chasing the air plane from below. The plane was a few yards away from the building. Roy couldn’t catch up. With every ounce of his soul he ran up the side of the building in red flash. Hideki roared his favorite song “君が代は
千代に八千代に!!!! 細石の!!!! 巌となりて~~!!! 苔の生すまで!!” Roy roared The Star Spangled Banner. “O say can you see, by the dawn's early light, What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming! Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight!”

Roy broke the sound barrier as he ran up the building onto the plane. Able to effortlessly snap Hideki’s neck in a rush to stop the plane, yet he failed. The plane collided with the towers and Roy was injured. Flames bursted everywhere inside the tower and Hideki couldn’t even speak as his voice box was shattered. Roy’s legs where broken. “IS THIS WHAT YOU WANTED!!!!!!!!!” Roy shouted. “You wanted to ruin America for what!!? Japan!? America and Japan have been impassive with each other for years before your birth! What is WRONG WITH YOU!”. Hideki smiled. Walked up too a wall and then.

With his bloody fingers he spelled out “Go to hell” with a Japanese flag drawn below it.

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