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12-09-2015, 06:55 PM
I've played GT for almost 2 years now and, Many people have Wanted to get rich. Most people says Farming is a great way, Yes it is, But there are better ways!

If you want to take the slowly but more safe way to get rich, i Would recomend Farming or massproduce.
If you Would like to farm, I Would recomend:
Venus Guytraps
High tech blocks
or Chandeliers

Remember: Farming needs patient but, The results are great. You will OFTEN get more seeds than You started with plus, You'll get gems Which are Worth 1000 Per 1World Lock.

Massproducing is an Another way to get rich. This Also Needs patient but, You Will gain Alot of World Locks.
If You wanna massproduce, I Would recomend for etc:

Porticullis. Quite easy to make and sells for Alot. (10-20/Wl.)

Magic Bacon Wallpapers. A bit harder to make.(Seeds sells for 2/wl, Blocks for 5/Wl Plus, You Will have a Chance to get the Piglet Leash Which is about 800Wls? But the chances are Really low.

A tip from me Though is to try and massproduce a new item because, There are PROBABLY not so many in the game so it is "rare".

If You Don't like to farm, I would recomend to invest. Many of you, May not know how to "invest" in Growtopia. I Will explain it easily. Buy or make for cheap, Sell it for more.

An example for This is to buy/make an "limited edition" item during a holiday event and sell it later.
Or, Make a new item or items needed to make that new item.

In Halloween 2014, The Ice Calf Was Worth around 350+ Wls and, I had 6 cow seeds and 6 barn door seeds so, I made 6 Cow Cube trees Which i sold for 60Wls. (ice Calf=Cow Cube Seeds+Ice, I think.)
I wasted around 12 Wls and i earned 60Wls! A total invest of 48 Wls in less than 10Minutes!

As i said, Investing can be risky and You can either earn ALOT or lose ALOT. That's because, many players Could have made Those Ice Calves or Cow cubes so, They aren't rare! The price of an items is high if there aren't so many in the game.
For etc:

Dirt is not rare at all, there are billions in Growtopia and That's why not many buy Dirt or try to sell it. It only exists 500Phoenix Wings in Growtopia (Now Probably around 330) and That's why they are expensive.
Thanks! If This Helped You, Comment below!

12-09-2015, 10:32 PM
I think there are better ways to get rich than farming.

12-09-2015, 11:40 PM