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Roy got so mad at Hideki’s response that he passed out. Hideki passed out next with a grin. Hideki woke up in a strange Japanese hut with the outside view being beautiful mountains and forests. A man in a black kimono approached the desk Hideki was sitting next too and introduced himself. “Hello Hideki, you probably know why you’re here right?” The man said resting his hand on the desk. “I died.” Hideki said calmly.
“No, you didn’t die. In fact after you’re done here you’ll start living. You are the most noble Japanese man I have ever seen. And out of the thousands of Japanese people you are the most noticeable within the gods.” The man said with a smile. After Hideki ate something from the hut. He talked to each and every Japanese God and Demon in that room. Too Hideki it felt like he had been in there for 20 years. Talking and asking questions. Admiring their wisdom. As Hachiman the god of war told him his fate to end America and what he shall do when he woke up it filled him with determination.

Roy woke up in a simple peaceful heavenly place. Roy was in heaven but he thought calling it that would be redundant. Jesus sat down next to him and the mere sight of him made Roy die a second time of a heart attack. “Hello, Halberg. It’s nice to meet you.” Jesus said looking at him. Roy laughed. For a minute he thought Jesus was looking at him as an equal. It was the first joke Roy laughed at as The Man with The High Blood Pressure. “I see you are the new High Blood. Is that true.”. Roy nodded immediately. Jesus and Roy talked for a while. Roy talked to Jesus for what seemed like 20 years. Talking with Christ and asking questions.
Admiring his wisdom. As Jesus told him his fate to save America and the world and how he shall do that when he woke up.


Hideki woke up and so did Roy at the same time. They both thought they hadn’t seen each other for 20 years but both laughed to themselves about how there is no time in the after life. Roy and Hideki both got up calmly and walked to each other. Stopped when they were a mere arm’s length away from each other. Both healed up. They clenched their fists with determination and prepared to punch. Their punches hit each other with the same amount of deadly force. They got up from the rubble and stared at each other. Something wasn’t right. There power was equal but before Roy was much stronger then Hideki. This worried Roy. Hideki got up and posed as he said. “This is no longer a fight of strength. This has turned into a fight of ideal! Whose will for their country is stronger! Roy!” Hideki shouted. Roy got up and nodded. Roy jumped at Hideki and Hideki did the same. Hideki went for a sliding round house kick in the air and Roy went for a straight jab. Hideki went straight through Roy’s punch with his femur and followed through with an extended kick. Even if Roy and Hideki had the same amount of strength, The femur is the strongest bone in the body. Much stronger then the fist.
As Roy propelled a little in the air. Hideki grabbed him. “I’m not done with you yet.” Hideki said clenching his fist. The fist drove right through Roy’s face and it sent him flying faster then he did from Hideki’s kick. Roy slide across the floor and quickly gained footing. As soon as Roy felt Hideki’s punch he knew one of them would die in this battle. Roy jumped back. He had to get defensive. Hideki’s punches made Roy realize Hideki is a monster in hand to hand combat. He’ll have to respond to Hideki’s movements fast.

As Roy jumped back. He looked up after he was done and Hideki was gone. He then looked down and he saw Hideki charging a kick. White Aura flowed around the foot Roy knew this kick would destroy him. Hideki’s kick jabbed into Roy’s stomach and it sent him all the way back to the hotel. The kick hurt Roy all right but the kick was more or less suppose to send him a far distance instead of damaging him. This made Roy get scared. Why did Hideki want him to be in the Hotel so bad? Roy didn’t even notice Gintoki and Juliet and the event happened so suddenly that Juliet and Gintoki barely noticed him as well. When they did Hideki already entered the room.

Hideki took a single look at Roy’s anguish and then looked at Juliet. “I can’t kill Roy yet. I need to lure him out into the open street and then perform the procedure.”. Hideki picked up Juliet in a flash. “ROY!” She shouted before they both disappeared out of the room. Roy quickly looked out the rubble of the destroyed window Hideki kicked him through. Hideki was on the street with Juliet passed out. Roy jumped out of the window. And then landed on the street. Something in him told him to stay in the hotel cause it was obvious Hideki was forcing him out in the open. But his American heart refused. Hideki gripped Juliet’s head. Looked at her in the eye. She woke up too see him grinning. Hideki threw Juliet by the head at Roy. Roy didn’t question Hideki’s suspicious act and went for a catch. Juliet gasped. Inside of her she felt something ticking. “ROY DON’T CATCH ME RUN AWAY!”.

It was too late. Juliet exploded and took injured Roy too a mass extent. Hideki laughed hysterically at Roy’s foolish act. “You had enough time, you could’ve jumped out of the way and you would’ve lived and you would’ve been at enough strength to avenge her. Don’t worry I put good word for her in the after life. She’ll have a blissful eternity.”. Roy couldn’t speak. There was poison in the explosion. But that didn’t stop Roy from destroying his lungs and voice box to say 3 words.

“I’ll-I’ll….kill youhhgh…!” Roy said as blood spattered out his mouth. He took a vile out his pocket and drank it. This vile was filled with Christ’s blood. Roy got back up. Took a deep breathe and yelled. “I’LL KILL YOU!!!”

The impact of the yell made the second tower of The World Trade Center fall down. It was mistaken for a second bombing. Hideki ignored the yell and noticed how after Juliet exploded Roy kept his left hand closed tight. Roy kicked Hideki in the stomach at light speed. Hideki was shocked even though he expected it. “American heart!” Roy chanted. As Roy punched Hideki in the air he chanted. “The symphony of the beat of my blood!”. The chant hurt Hideki more then the punches did. Roy slightly opened his left hand a light emitted from it. Roy had half the explosion of Juliet inside his hand. “Exploding American Right Hook!” Roy said as he upper cutted Hideki in then opened his hand. The explosion destroyed Hideki and also destroyed Roy’s left hand. Hideki plopped on the floor in a sea of blood and Roy stumbled to stand. “If- huff Juliet was really dead. My rage would’ve made my kick destroy you.” Roy said. Roy had won.

Hideki was demolished. But not completely. Hideki got up slowly. And struggled to even lift his hand. He pointed at Roy and repeated what he said inside the destroyed tower. “Go…toou hell.” Hachiman, the god of war. Emitted in front of Hideki faintly. With sword in hand he sliced the area around Roy’s neck then faded away. It happened so fast. Reality couldn’t keep up and Roy’s neck flew off a mere 6 seconds earlier. Hachiman caught Roy’s body. Hideki crawled to Roy’s body. “Quick Hachiman! Cut off my head and place me on roy’s body.” Hachiman nodded and did the act. Hachiman sewed Hideki’s head onto Roy’s body. Hideki woke up and faintly got up. “I can’t control this body as I want too at the moment. But in 10 years this body will be under my control and I’ll have the full power of High Blood. I am grateful Hachiman.” Hachiman nodded and faded away. Hideki walked up too Juliets body. “She’ll live.” Hideki tapped Juliet’s stomach. Hideki gave Juliet Roy’s child inside of her. “Just in case I need an extra body.”

Juliet grabbed Hideki’s leg before he walked away. “Go… fuu**** yourself Hideki.” Hideki ignored the response. “I knuh know what you did to me. I’ll abort him. Nobody has to live with you being their father.” Hideki smiled and said. “This child will never die as long as he’s inside of you. You’ll have to give birth to him and I don’t think you’re heartless enough to kill him.” Hideki amusedly said. “I didn’t get you because of some dumb chemical engineering skill. You were the healthiest female I knew. Healthy enough to bear that child.” Juliet winced and passed out.

Hideki walked away from the body as emergency vans and police cars surrounded her.

And smiled.

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End of part 1^^