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First Page
2016 -- Hide Halberg -- The Man of Heat.

Hideki sat in a dark room. A damp estate with no windows and chandeliers all over the place. He clenched his fist and opened and closed it. “I have gotten better at controlling this body. Look’s like I didn’t need too impregnate Juliet after all. No matter.” Hideki said as he continued to read his book.

Hide Halberg was 16. He wore a red and white hat. White in the front. Red in the back. He wore a long white trench coat and sometimes smoked. He is extremely buff for his age, but he tries to cover it. Juliet, who was now 21. Answered the phone with utmost certainty about what the call was for. It was the police. “Hey Ma’am? You’re son is down in the cellar and you’ll need to come pick him up.”. Juliet sighed and hung up the phone without a word.

She walked inside and talked with the officer. “You’re son got in a fight with 17 Thugs. He broke 2 of their necks and critically injured the other 15. One of them is now brain damaged.”. He said as he walked her down the cellar underground. “Oh, woow” Juliet said sarcastically. She was wearing a business suit and no longer wore glasses. Her hair was also more vibrant and blonde then before. She walked outside of the dark cellar. Hide’s red hair was slightly visible and his light red eyes gleamed.
“Get the hell out of here.” Hide said without looking at her. “I thought you might say that. I brought your father.” Juliet said as she stepped too the side. Gintoki walked out. He stared at Hide and Hide stared back. “Son, it’s time for you to come home. We’ll talk about this later.”. Hide started drinking his soda whilst not breaking eye contact. He then finished it. Looked at Gintoki and said “You aren’t my father.” As he crushed the Soda can. “This man is.” Hide put up a picture. It was Roy’s back with red hair and High Blood aura. It was a photo accidently taken by Juliet’s phone.
“And when I get out of here I’m planning on finding him.”. Gintoki scratched his head and said. “You know, back then I used too feel no remorse for a child’s death. I used too feel nothing for multiple people when they were killed.” Gintoki gripped the cellar bars.

“But the journey on avenging your father will risk your life by an astounding percent.”. Hide walked up to the cell bars. “Avenge?” Hide said as he leaned his head.
“Come with me. We can’t talk here.”

They sat around a desk in the same room Hideki formed them in. It was now Hide’s room. “Roy is your birth father, but he does not know about you.” Gintoki said. “Hideki is your father. The Man of HELL itself. He killed millions and he decided to leave a legacy. Which is you.” He said as he pointed at Hide. “I don’t understand. You say Roy and Hideki are both my birth fathers?” Hide asked. “Yes.” Juliet said wasting no time to explain. “I get the feeling that this whole thing is simpler then what I’m thinking about.” Hide said grabbing his own face. “You’ll find out when the time comes.” Gintoki said. “When do I start?” Hide asked. “Juliet and Skyla will go with you. You’re going to have too travel to Japan. That is where Hideki hides out and has hid out for years.”. Hide was confused. “Why don’t you come then.” He asked. Gintoki didn’t answer. Skyla walked into the room. “AHH THERES MY YOUNG HIDE-KY!” She said as she hugged Hide. “Last time I saw you, you were only 6.”. “I used too show you magic tricks of me reading your mind like a fortune teller! You were so cute!”. “Why is she and Mom coming with us.” Hide asked. “She wasn’t kidding when she said she could read minds. She has the power of mind reading which will help for interrogation.”. Gintoki answered. “I knew that since I was 8” Hide said. Which surprised Skyla. “I asked if its safe for her and Mom to come with me.”. “Now, Hide. Women can be strong too.” Juliet said calmly.

“I never said you couldn’t I said you aren’t. I have never seen you guys fight and I don’t want any dead weight.” Hide took on a face that resembled Hideki’s every time he was about too kill somebody. “I plan on killing Hideki. I don’t know why. But I feel like he’s a real piece of ****.”. Juliet noticed this. But didn’t think much of it because of how much Roy is in Hide. Hide is a mixture of Hideki’s and Roy’s persona’s. And as long as there is a touch of Roy in him he won’t do anything Hideki would’ve done. A set of rules were made before Hideki could impregnate Juliet with Hide with Roy’s body.

First off. The child will never kill or let any person(s) die that are under his age. Secondly. The child will not be High Blood. Third off. If the child has any thoughts about killing another person due to Hideki’s bloodlust or any thoughts of stress. He will count prime numbers backwards from 20 to relax himself as a means of the first rule. These are the rules Hideki promised to one of the gods.

“17, 13, 11, 7..” Hide quietly said to himself as Gintoki told him why he will have to bring Skyla and Juliet with him. “We will have to get an unmanned car. Not ours so they don’t find out who left because this will cause great suspicion if the same people that disappeared 9/11 happened disappeared again.”. Gintoki said. “Then let’s get a police car” Hide said whilst his hat covered his eyes. “Then nobody will know who left and we won’t have people tailing us.”. They all nodded and walked to the library.

“Hey, can you recommend me a book?” Juliet asked the officer sitting on a cough drinking coffee while reading about The Man of the Heat. “I recommend this book. It’s called The Man of the Heat. It’s about a boy who’s father burned his hand and he has to deal with his abuse before he gains enough bravery too…” The Cop put down his cap but didn’t notice Gintoki stealing the keys. “kill him.. it’s a very sad story. That’s why I’d urge you to read it.”. “Will do! Thanks for telling me.” She said as both her and Gintoki walked out the library door. Juliet was scared before she opened it. Having flashbacks of Hideki’s hands gripped around the cops head as he cried before he broke his neck. She hoped and even prayed that Hide didn’t do the same thing. When she opened the door.

The police was on the floor.

With a smile bruise on his face. And still breathing. While Hide threw a med kit on the floor next to the cop before opening the car.

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one book a day keeps you alive no it doesnt read my ****

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one book a day keeps you alive no it doesnt read my ****

Just to take a note, I'm pretty sure cursing can get you an infraction. I'd recommend you change this.

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Just to take a note, I'm pretty sure cursing can get you an infraction. I'd recommend you change this.

Its not cursing if the word isnt spelled it it could be *stuff* for all they know so im safe af