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12-16-2015, 03:09 AM
--1952 -- Napoleons Horror Story –

In the morning of 1952, a world where slaves were replaced with robots. Fueled by gas and water. People say God made robots in his image. Beings of perfection and dominance. But they are just another form of simple horror.

Jonas Coltrane, Son in the Royal family in Europe. But while his esteemed siblings and relatives all live a high class life with high class attire and good manners. Jonas’s whole persona is that of a regular teenager. His siblings who were taught at home by robots were different then Jonas. Who was taught by ‘Flawed human teachers with petty emotions that interrupt learning ethics’. These words were taken from his father. Who always seemed to single Jonas out for the smallest things.

Jonas went to a normal high school with normal teachers. The most average education with average classmates trying to get the highest average score for an average scholarship. Jonas thought everything that didn’t involve robots as an average form of life. Asking himself if the president of the United States of America will one day be a robot or if Harry S. Truman already is. It was a daily thing for Jonas. A daily thought about what really goes behind in the minds of an AI. For example, one thought Jonas had during his youth was the validity of trust in a robot.

The famous riddle about if a liar tells you he’s lying. Jonas thought of this riddle as biased and overused because of circumstance, Firstly, how well do you know this liar? Second off, what is he supposedly lying about. And if he is a good liar and if all the sources say he’s lying about lying then you get your answer.

But the trouble with robots is that there are 10 unmovable laws when manufacturing a robot.

1. They will never lie to their owners.

Jonas thought about if they would lie to other people other then their owners.

2. They will only lie if that means the safety of their owner

Jonas winced at this rule a lot. Does this mean that if somebodys else life was indanger would they save them?

3. If any robot were to kill anybody. The manufacturer will be charged with murder and its Robot will be scrapped.

A very controversial law. Not like Jonas cared. The other laws were unknown to everybody other then High Class Citizens. His father refuses to spill the beans and so does his mother. So Jonas tries the best he can to analyze the first 3 rules.
Jonas looked up from his 5-star bed to his skylight and then made a decision. He got up to the speaker phone and pressed ON.

“Send up Robot 0912B.”. Jonas said into the speaker.

“Thank you for your instructions.” A lady behind the receiver phone replied.

Jonas waited impatiently on the foot of the bed carrying a glass wine bottle while tapping on it with one finger. When finally the door slammed open.
“Safe!”. Said a girl with pigtails as she jumped into the room. Almost tripping on her way in which didn’t amuse Jonas at all. She brushed her hair and adjusted herself.

“Hello 2B. I can see you’re late again.” Jonas said calmly. “Yes Jonas Sorry Jonas!” She said hesitantly. 0912B was a robot that Jonas experimented with in terms of emotion. Before she met Jonas she was a robot with fake emotions.

“What do you see in my hand.” Jonas asked. “A glass wine bottle?” She said curiously.
Jonas then dropped the wine bottle down which the impact scared 2B. “Eek!” She shrieked. “Now that you know you’re going to have to clean that what do you feel? Tell me all of your emotions. If I am pleased I will not allow you to clean it up.”
She closed her eyes and crossed her arms and thought hard. “Ehh, anger, shock, frustration..”. She said. Jonas and 2B both met at the age of 7. Robots don’t age but robots changed every year to match their age if the owner’s wish it. “You may leave.” Jonas said. “I’ll have one of the other robots fix it.” Jonas said as he looked away. Looking like he was thinking a hard thought. “Ah! Thank you so much!” She said putting her hands in front of face.

“Get my backpack. We are heading to school.” Jonas said chewing his curly hair. 2B did just that.

But Jonas saw a slotch of blood on 2B’s skirt.