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01-07-2016, 01:37 AM
So some of you might heard of the song drag me down, the music video might he pretty badass but they are not actually singing in it, just trying to make it work for those of you who dont know, so I found this video and laughed alot that my stomach hurts now. Try to watch it without laughing then try to watch the original drag me down music video. Dont grin too lol also if you dont find it funny try rewatching 0:44 - 0:46 a billion times



also pls put the volume up for good sounding and better understanding, thanks.

oops typo in the title SORRY

01-07-2016, 01:51 AM
I think this belongs in Rtsoft Tavern since it has nothing to do with Growtopia whatsoever.

I'll watch it though. :crazy:

it is in the rtsoft tavern xD

01-07-2016, 02:02 AM
I didn't laugh but I grinned abit in the mid part :)

01-07-2016, 02:28 AM
bumpity bump

01-07-2016, 03:13 AM
I just had to laugh when they launched the rocket:sweatdrop:

01-07-2016, 11:07 PM
bump lol:crazy:

01-07-2016, 11:23 PM
Kinda hurt my ears a little bit.