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01-08-2016, 03:30 AM
I see darkness, I know this is the end. I reach down to feel my own hands. I cant, I dont exist. I start to panic. But wait? How can I have thoughts I wonder... YOU HAVE BEEN CHOSEN! Boomed a voice so loud my own thoughts start to prelude and ring together, a feeling unexplainable. I start to see a light. Wait a second, no not a sight but the thought of seeing a light pops into my consciousness. Everything goes blinding flood of brillance. It feels so warm and peaceful I begin to think everything is going to be allright and I think to myself It's all going to be ok. *THUD *ZAP *POP *POP *POP *CRACKLEEEEEEE
Reality just hit me I start to scream. I cant I begin to choke clasping my throat to find a gauge so deep I start to feel bone. I stop dead in everything and realize I'm not choking... becuase I'm not not not Breathing. I slowly raise my hands to reviel them to my face at the astonishing sight of only bone and blood. I'm dead but... Am I? Why am I alive?!?!? Oh no Please take me back to the White noise and peacful end!?!? My thoughts seem to be heard at least thats what I figure when the same voice shakes and rings my entire existence with YOUR DEATH, NOW KILL! I don't know what the hell that means I shout! And to my dismay thier is no response. I sit thier for a while. Hell were am I? I look around to see a old sanded wood floor, grey concrete walls with a single crack running down the corner, leading my eyes to a White furnished door with a dull brass door handle. After a while I get the strength to stand, walk through the door careful not to puke over the sight of my hand. Thiers a mirror infront of me I quickly look away but out of the corner of my eye I see nothing. My eyes eventualy peer over to the same conclusion. A womens voice Screams in my ear I whip my body around in a effort to reach out to someone for help. That was a huge mistake as soon as I see the life in her eyes a inner beast churned inside of me. That's when the all the evil in me burst into a frenzy lust for BLOOD BLOOD DEATH. To Be continued :)

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