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01-16-2016, 11:38 AM
Vince and Kath

Scene 1 Chapter 1

Vince: Hi Kath haha, I wish you will notice me. Btw, I have a crush on you :).
Vince: I know that one day you will notice me.

Kath: Hi Vince, how did you get my number?

Vince: Friend of friend :). We are schoolmates btw.

Kath: Oh ok, what's your course? :)

Vince: Electrical Engineering! Sorry if I'm too much of an attention-seeker. I just want to meet you in person but I'm too shy. Maybe one day.

Kath: Why would you be shy? It's fine.

Vince: I am so happy that you responded! I thought you're the type of person who doesn't respond!

Kath: Nah, what's your surname?

Vince: It's a secret :P, you might search it! Haha.

Kath: Oh ok :). No problem! I'll see you soon in school!

Vince: I didn't know you were this nice!

This is just a trailer. Tell me if you like it so I can make more. To all filipinos who browse Facebook often, you might know this story.