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01-19-2016, 04:03 PM
So last night I was doing some Tapjoy on Tanked to get more coins. Some of the offers included downloading and running an app from the App Store. Download it, run it, log into Tanked and get my reward, then delete the app. No big deal, right?


Let's take a quick backstory here: my mom got my dad's old iPad like a month ago so she can play Scrabble with us online, and she also uses it to look at websites. She's not real tech-savvy, and she doesn't really download any apps. A couple nights ago, my dad factory reset the iPad because it kept crashing on her.

So now that the iPad is reset, that means alllll the settings are default now. Meaning, that it automatically downloaded apps that someone else downloads from a different device using the same account. So there were all the apps just sitting on her device. I had no idea this was going to happen, and fortunately she didn't notice them.

Now, its this morning, and I come out from my room. She's doing something, and tells me her iPad keeps making a "ding" noises. I figure that its probably sound notifications. So I look at the settings and begin turning off all of them. I scroll down the list, and notice the apps I downloaded and deleted the previous night on MY iPad. I exit out of Settings, flip around the app list, and voila: there's the apps I downloaded. Castle Clash, some doctor app, and some others. I'm almost panicking, and quickly delete all the apps. Back in Settings, I look at the App Store settings. Yup, there it is: auto-download apps downloaded on another device. Clicked that off.

All's good now. I can't imagine if she found them...:crazy:

01-19-2016, 04:09 PM
What wouldve been so bad about her seeing them?

"Where the hell did all these apps come from?? I never downloaded these? PPPEEEETTTEEEEEEE [my dad]!!!!!!!! Where did all these apps come from? I thought you wiped it?!"

TL;DR: utter confusion and panic from my mom.

01-19-2016, 08:38 PM
The ending was appy, get it? H-appy? Kk no, cri

01-19-2016, 08:43 PM
Off Topic : That's how you do those download app survey things? lmao