View Full Version : My teacher!

01-26-2016, 11:21 PM
Today in English, my teacher was coughing a lot. She was coughing so much that her face turned beet red and she had to communicate by paper. She couldn't talk and we were all kinda freaked out. She wrote on a piece of paper and showed it on the over head and it said she has asthma. She then sent one of my classmates to go get Altoids cuz apparently they help. So she sent the dude to the office to get mints when all of a sudden the principal announces a lock down drill. So the dude who went to get mints got stuck in the hall way meanwhile the rest of us had to sit through a lock down with a teacher having an asthma attack or something (someone yelled huele a patas HEHEHE!) Well the drill lasted about 10 minutes and the whole time the teacher was coughing. When the dude returned to the class with the mints he was grinning idk why but he looked funny. The teacher was fine and she thanked us for being patient and thanked someone in our class for praying (we thought it was a real lockdown, it was announced a drill when it was over.) That was the most interesting thing that happened in a while

On a side note, I just started at that school yesterday so I didn't know the teacher had asthma so I was freaked out the most