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01-30-2016, 02:15 PM
Before I leave the forums, I'll leave a story.

W-Day: The War Story


In our world history, there are wars that occurred in 40s. More than millions were deployed, hundreds of thousands were killed, and thousands injured. Gasoline, water, sweat and blood mixed with each other.
The new generations aroused, and most of previous events were forgotten. History isn't meant to be forgotten.

This creative story created by a 6th grader student from the Philippines could give you a full understanding of the history of 1946 of the 3 countries, the Philippines, United States and Japan.

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Before we start the story, please read these first:

DISCLAIMER: I, the author, do not express hate, love or whatever, to Japan or United States. I just wanted to tell you the creative style history of WWII.

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~Chapter 1-6~ Story Proper (1946-1948) ~

70 years ago, Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. Nicole and Federick ran to the emergency shelter and stayed there.

Nicole: We're safe! Comrades, what shall we do?
Federick: We shall defend our shelter.

*knock* *knock*

Everybody ran and hid under their beds. But Nicole bravely opened and Federick backed him.

Nicole: It's just our commander.
Abell: What?! Are you afraid of me?
All: We thought Japanese knocked our door.
Abell: But, we must move on guys. Let's go!

All got their armor, weapons, and first aid kits. They're ready to go and they will attack another Japanese base, 32 kilometers away.

While walking, Nicole, Federick, and Abell talked with each other.

Federick: How did you become a commander, Sir Abell?
Abell: I vigorously fought for my country, the United States.
Nicole: Ah, that's why.

Meanwhile at the Japanese base....

Japanese 1: Aha! I see 1000 Americans approaching our base. Annihilate them!
Japanese 2: Ok.

And that so, the Japanese sent 2 aircrafts, 2 tanks and 100 soldiers to destroy the Americans.

Abell: Prepare, the servants of our master United States! Our enemy is approaching to multiply our dead!
All: Ok, ok!

All soldiers prepared their guns, straighten their armors, and look for possible covers.

Abell: Enemy on sight! Fire!
Nicole: Waaaaah! GOO!
Federick: Are we like flies to our enemies? Are we like ants that we are being stomped by our enemies? Push forward and show them how brave we are!

Federick was shot 3 times, 1 in the head, 1 in the chest and 1 in the ankle. He died posthumously. Nicole tried to do CPR to him but it wasn't successful.

The battle between the 1000 American soldiers and 110 Japanese reinforced units ended. 19 US soldiers died, and 99 Japanese soldiers were killed. 11 soldiers were captured, trained, and become US soldiers. The 2 tanks were destroyed, and the 2 aircrafts were annihilated.

Abell: Federick saved my life. But, he died bravely.
Nicole: He is one of my best friends. I give condolences to his family.
Abell: Let us move on.

Meanwhile, as they walked, they forced the Japanese to tell the details of their base.

Japanese 1: Our base is exceedingly hard to enter. It has 5 missle turrets, 3000 soldiers based there, 40 tanks and there are 10 high-powered aircrafts. Also, the soldiers held high-powered guns, including me, and this is the appearance.
Abell: Thanks for the info. Now, we might hold a meeting tonight.

*at night*

Abell: Come to the camp base.
All: Ok.
Abell: The base we would enter is exceedingly strong, as this Japanese had said. It has 5 missle turrets, 3000 soldiers based there, 40 tanks and there are 10 high-powered aircrafts. Also, the soldiers held high-powered guns.
All: What? It is too way strong for us.
Abell: But we must face it with strength, dignity, and bravery.
Japanese 1: Don't worry! I'll help you find a way to enter that one.
Abell: Oh, thank you!

23 days after, they reached the base. But, they would spy it, yet.

Abell: Ok, Japanese, I want you to spy your home base and find a way to enter that one.
Japanese 1: Ok.
Abell: And you, Nicole, go with that Japanese and back him up.
Nicole: Ok.

When they spied that base, they were so lucky. 100 soldiers were in the base, possibly the majority of the soldiers went to an American base and attacked there. A tank, an aircraft and a couple of soldiers made Nicole and the Japanese praise.

Nicole: Sir, the base is weak, but the problem is the 5 missle turrets.
Abell: Don't worry, I'll order the bazookas of ours to shoot them.
Japanese 1: Ok, let's hold a meeting tonight.

*on the night*

All: Ok.
Abell: Go with the information, Nicole and the Japanese.
Nicole: The base is weak but... the problem is.....
Japanese 1: THE TURRETS!
Bazooka 1: Ah, it's too way easy to destroy it.
Bazooka 2: I agree with you, my comrade.
All: Hurray!

The next morning.....

Abell: Ok, this is the time we shall take revenge.
Nicole: Yup, this is the luckiest day that we had.
Japanese 1: So, let us begin.... ATTACK!

All soldiers went to battle. 100 Japanese soldiers spot them and defended their base bravely but their failed.

Meanwhile, as the bazooka soldiers attack the last missle turret....

Bazooka 2: I LIKE THIS!
Bazooka 2: YOU'RE RIGHT!

The 5 missile turrets were destroyed, and the American soldiers proceeded successfully. They captured 17 Japanese soldiers, 83 soldiers of that same country were killed, and unfortunately 14 US soldiers died in that battle. They captured high-powered guns, an unused tank and an aircraft.

That same day, as the sun was going down, a shout went from Abell.

Abell: Execute them! Do not let one of them escape!

So, the US soldiers executed the 83 Japanese soldiers on their base camp.

So, I'll continue the story tommorow, because I'm tired writing this. Good night.