View Full Version : I...will start making guides...

02-07-2016, 03:06 AM
I'm going to start making guides to help people.
The guides will mostly not be connected to the game, but...

(Yes, I know, this thread is useless.)

02-07-2016, 07:20 AM
Good luck on making guides! :)

02-07-2016, 07:58 AM
Good luck on making guides! :)
Indicative stared at Ivy389's eyes, his eyebrows racing down. He clenched his fists, as he had met another rival. Indicative observed Ivy389 and his/her weaknesses. He crafted fool-proof plans. Ivy389's fate has been sealed.

02-07-2016, 08:01 AM
U should make a guide about how to attract Woman for men

I mean, your a girl so you can make one :rolleyes:


02-08-2016, 12:23 AM
Good luck on making guides! :)

First guide = rip
Submits it = Wifi cut = all gone