View Full Version : OH. MY. GOD!!!!! O_O RECIEVING MAIL from International Vertifight Staff ?! @@ :D

02-26-2016, 10:15 PM
Sooo :P

I just asked for information and introduced to the page of Vertifight,
which is a Dance Battle that's Worldwide
going for Championship etc :3 and ehh...

i just need to show this lol..

I was so Damn Excited when i saw it in my mailbox,
because i waited maybe 1 week? and whoww....

this was just kind of my dreams *-* .. !@@@

the video below, the signature is the vertifight battle what i want to join :3

p.s ill do Meet & Greet when i have time, im now too busy :D

dayum :D !!!


02-26-2016, 10:17 PM
What if that email is fake?

02-26-2016, 10:22 PM
What if that email is fake?

Nope :D

1.if u google his name you'll see it isn't =]
2. www.vertifight.com --> The Vertifight --> International Staff

and why would it be fake :3


02-26-2016, 10:24 PM
Congratulations. I don't have much experience with dancing but this seems like a great opportunity. May the moves be forever in your favor.