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IC Growtopia
02-28-2016, 06:28 AM
Default Dragon Hatchiary! [HATCHABLES]
Heya, since the recent spark of Dragon clickables that are so friggin cute, I made a thing.
To make your first dregon, you gotta go here.

This is the hatchiary for dragons~
How does it work?
All you gotta do is make a little post like this:

Please klick mai dregonz.
[spoiler ]{dragon egg} {dragon egg} {dragon egg} [/ spoiler]
And a bump!

It's not that hard. kkk?
I'll start

let my babies live
https://dragcave.net/image/bMyDI.gif (https://dragcave.net/view/bMyDI) https://dragcave.net/image/A2QzL.gif (https://dragcave.net/view/A2QzL)https://dragcave.net/image/J25Uz.gif (https://dragcave.net/view/J25Uz)
Just a rebirth of the most popular thread ever

02-28-2016, 09:34 AM
You literally copy-pasted the thread straight up. You didn't even try to add the link .-.

I mean, I like Dragons and all, but the least you could do is make a new thread about it and not just badly copy-paste the old one.

02-28-2016, 12:34 PM

I like Maryjane's avatar, so I prefer the old thread.